Monogram Necklace

Necklace – For the Beauty who graces!

Monogram NecklaceThe necklace is one of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry for women. This is the most visible jewelry that a woman adorns and hence, its value is immense. A necklace heightens the beauty of a woman and elevates her personality. It makes a woman more splendid and adds to her beauty. Choice of necklace differs from one woman to another and how it enhances her persona by fitting to perfection in her neck also determines her choice. Some of the special kinds of necklaces are enlisted below. This categorization below is by virtue of necklace length.

  • Choker – A kind of necklace whose length is not much ; between 14 to 16 inches and it seems like this necklace is hugging your neck.
  • Matinee necklace –  a longer version of  Choker.
  • Princess necklace –  One of the best kind of necklaces, this necklace is longer than Choker necklace. This one is a hot favorite amongst the ladies. Sometimes princess necklaces are embedded with diamonds or other precious stones.  The ladies wearing princess necklace become an epitome of opulence.
  • Opera Necklace- another kind of necklace which suits tall women and hangs until the breastbone.
  • Cross Necklace –  This kind of necklace could be of a varying length and are worn by selectively women.  Not every woman can carry this necklace type and this is an exclusive necklace variety.

Apart from length wise differentiation, there are necklaces with diamonds called diamond necklaces while pearl necklaces are laden with pearls. Then there are crystal necklaces too which in itself has 2-3 varieties.

However, the necklace that rules the roost and is the most regal is the monogram necklace. These necklaces today have become the ultimate style statement and can make any woman go crazy.  The best thing about monogram necklaces is that these can be made to order. So, you get to pick the design of your choice and let the craftsman know of your ideas with the letters and design and voila! You have a necklace ready for your loved one the way you want to with your exclusive hallmark.  The receiver of such a monogram necklace would be puffed up with pride and would keep you and the necklace close to their heart.  These necklaces for obvious reasons, are categorized as personalized jewelry.

Monogram necklaces can be made with gold, silver, enamel or glass. You can customize your letter fonts and designs in various designer and jewelry stores.  Also called Initial necklaces, monogram necklaces can be ordered by first name, middle name initials or last name initials though there are variants of initials too. Such a beautiful piece would usher a glow in the wearer’s persona. The finesse of a monogram necklace is worth beyond words and is a perfect gift to your near ones.

The list of necklace variety is endless and there is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing the right necklace for a woman. Each necklace brings with it a different aura and beauty which reflects on the person wearing it.


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