Sea inspired Rings

Offbeat Engagement Rings

It is the mark of new beginnings… a symbol of belongingness… an emblem of love & eternity.

Yes, it is an engagement ring, the one that stays not just with you but on you for a lifetime! It’s not for no reason that the engagement ring is one of the most important & time-consuming selections. For something that special, the attention is justified.

With every love-story, every couple being so unique, it’s a shame that engagement rings have to be just the same! Hence this article is dedicated to urge you to take the plunge & go beyond the conventional, read as: Not the same diamond – solitaire way.

If you’re wondering what one can do without the oh-so-needed rock, you’re in for a series of surprises.

Gemstones & Black Diamond

Gemstones-Black-DiamondDon’t stop the vibrancy of your personality to rub off on your ring. Add some colour to it. Precious coloured gemstones can be an attractive alternative to the solitaire. Having one’s birth stone or lucky stone on the ring can give that touch of personalization to it. If you’re dead keen on a solitaire, why not try the black diamond instead of the conventional rock? It definitely has its oomph factor.

Sea-inspired Rings

Sea-inspired RingsSea-inspired rings are another offbeat ring that could reflect a facet of one’s persona. Unfinished stone & metal, shells, corals are some of the options one could use for designing a ring apt for a sea-lover or water-bearer

Carved Lettering

Carved LetteringPersonalisation is becoming the centre of every aspect of one’s wedding, especially the ring. The ring can be aptly used to reflect a glimpse of your love story. Engraved writing on the inside is one way, but you could take a step ahead and get the letters carved around your finger. Not only will this look stylishly different but also have those meaningful words on you round the clock.


Dramatic 1If you thought having the love of your life in front of your eyes was not possible, we’ll show you an interesting way to make it possible. Ring bands can now be printed with the couples photograph. Another alternative is carving the picture onto the metal to give it a sleeker look. If you want to be more discreet yet personal, you could opt for the thumbprint engraved on either the inside or out. This will definitely add the desired funk in your not-so-conventional wedding ring.

Dramatic 2If you’re girl is all about drama, why not pop the question with a surreal yet fun ring, depicting something is loves. Or something that could have a hidden message inside a hidden section.


MinimalisticAnd lastly but not the least, being offbeat can lie in the sheer simplicity and elegance of the ring. With these rings you will start believing in the mantra of less is more.

Be the unconventional bride and opt for these offbeat rings. You could use your imagination and come with something that’s just unique for you. Choosing the right jeweller is the next important step after you choose the kind of ring you need. Make sure to opt for a jeweller specialising in customized jewellery.


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