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Prepping For Your Engagement Photos? 5 Must Do’s Before The Big Day

Engagement PhotosEngagement photos are a rare opportunity to capture the love you share with the person you are soon to marry. Preparing for engagement photos is exciting but a bit stressful. There is so much to do before the shoot, and you have to be prepared or risk losing a valuable spot on the waiting list. Here are five must-dos before the big day.

Go To The Salon

Go to the salon a day before to prep your hair. You want your hair to look its absolute best. You can get a cut, style or color before the big day. It’s best to do this at a salon at not at home to prevent any major mishaps.

Make Sure Your Teeth Are Pearly White

Pretty teeth are important for major photos. Your photos are likely to be blown up, and your teeth will be visible. Yellowed or stained teeth are not attractive for any photos, and you want to look your absolute best. Get whitening kit from the dentist or get a cleaning from your dentist is highly recommended. This will ensure that your beautiful smile is radiant and perfect for the photos.

Get A Facial

A facial is a pampering step that can make your skin look smooth and radiant for high-definition photographs. A deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation or radiance mask can be a huge boost to your photographs. Your partner can get one too for that extra glow look you can’t get from anything else. Facials are best the day before or two days before so that your skin looks its absolute best.

De-stress Together

Stress is going to show up in your engagement photos. You will be tense, anxious and you won’t be able to naturally feel those happy emotions you should be feeling for this big moment. Engagement photos are a big deal, but you need to be relaxed for them to be the best they can be. Do something to relax together. Whatever you normally do to wind down as a couple, do it before the big day and maybe a few hours prior. Your photos will come out a lot better as a result.

Make It About You

Your engagement photos aren’t about everyone else, your family or your friends. It’s about your relationship, love and emotions that you feel for each other. Do whatever you can to make the photo shoot about yourselves as a couple.


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