Hair Care for Winter Season

Looking After Your Hair This Winter

Young adult girl in winter park, shallow DOFAs Christmas approaches, this is a sign that the weather will soon start to change. The air will become a lot more frosty, some may even experience heavy snow, where as others may experience only light snowfall. The winds are cold and can get quite blowy; therefore it is time to shop around for winter items, not only for your wardrobe but also for your skin and hair care too.

Many people may experience their skin drying out a lot at winter, and the same can often be applied to your hair care. There are many factors that can damage your hair and the weather is one of them. The constant change in temperatures can affect the texture and feel of your hair, and therefore you need to make sure you have the right products at hand and hair care regime ready, so that you can tackle these problems face on.

The weather can affect your hair in different ways; it can not only dry out your hair, but also make it become more prone to frizz, static and dandruff. All things which you want to avoid no doubt.  So here are a few tips in order to ensure that your hair remains as soft and smooth in the winter months so that you can remain just as glamorous.


The winter can make your scalp extremely dry, as a result your scalp can flake and cause dandruff, therefore you need to prevent your scalp from drying out by adding more moisture to your hair. To achieve this you should use hair products, which include zinc, the zinc helps, fight off dandruff. Further still there are many hair care products which help target dandruff, you should find a product which you have to leave in for 5-10 minutes at a time to get the best results and you should start to see a difference in your scalp.

Frizzy Hair

Fizzy hair can be caused due to a lot of static, which is very common at winter, especially with the wool scarves and hats and jumpers that will be in constant contact with your hair. Sometimes brushing your hair does not help the situation and causes your hair to frizz more. You therefore need a vented hair brush with a combination of bristles, washing your hair with luke warm water and applying a leave in conditioner will all aid in tackling the frizzy hair.

Dry/Brittle Hair

If your hair becomes very dry and brittle it is good to find a hair care product, which targets these issues. You should find a product, which has elements of oil in; the oil will provide a lot of moisture for the hair, which it may be lacking. Further still, you should try limiting the amount of heat products used on the hair, trying and cutting down on using hair dryers/straighteners on your hair. If you are someone who cannot go without using a hairdryer, change the setting to a much lower temperature so the heat is not so damaging.

These are just a few issues you may face in the wintertime with your hair, but all can be easily targeted and tackled, with just the right amount of products and hair care.


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