Versace Cologne for Men

5 Great Tips When Using Versace Cologne for Men

Versace Cologne for MenThe right fragrance can make or break the image of any person. In fact, the right scent will be able to compliment the entire appearance of a person, making them far more attractive to the opposite sex.

Fortunately, one can pick the right Versace Cologne for them as the line has multiple scents that will fit the needs and personality of a person. The only problem, however, remains on how to correctly use one. So, how can a person get around this? Here is how:

Pick the Scent Accordingly

In truth, the Versace Line of Colognes has various scents and these can be categorized as to the type of people they are catering. For example, there is a batch of scents geared towards young teenagers while there are those catered towards older and more sophisticated gentlemen. There are even scents geared towards men who do intense work on outdoor areas.

Fortunately, you can tell them apart by the strength of their scent. Those for younger males are light and fresh to the nose while those for older men are quite aromatic yet mild on the nose. On the other hand, those scents for rugged men have an earthen or leathery scent that makes a person think of the outdoors.

Thus, it pays to take a whiff at each scent whenever you are buying for Versace Cologne. That way, you could pick the right one that fits your age and personality.

Have more than One Scent

If you are really conscious with how you smell, it would be best to have more than one scent for you to choose from. In fact, you should have at least three Versace Scents that would be used for three separate occasions:

  1. Work or School
  2. Formal or Romantic Events
  3. Casual Use

It is important to remember to set these scents apart as what would work for casual use would not necessarily work in a date. Also, don’t stick to one scent for all the year as this makes you predictable. Always remember: predictable is not synonymous with interesting or attractive.

Don’t Overdo It

A lot of men make the mistake of seemingly bathing in their Versace Cologne scent of choice. This would either involve spraying the scent in the entire body or spraying them directly to the clothes, where they would stick for a far longer time.

Of course, this results in a particularly strong scent that is very offensive and irritating to the nose. When it comes to using cologne, or any scent in general, one spray is enough for several hours. If you overdo it, you’d be of stinking the place up with your powerful odor.

Apply Where it is Effective

If you think randomly spraying across your body is an effective way of spreading the scent, you’d be very wrong. Not only are you overdoing it, you are wasting your cologne with every unnecessary spray in whatever body part you could think of.

The best places to spray your Versace cologne scent would be at the neck, behind the ears and in the wrists. This is because these places are believed to be able to carry out the scent far more effectively than in other areas of the body. It’s not even recommended that you spray these three areas simultaneously.

Also, avoid spraying over the face as it is quite sensitive. More so, do not do this if your skin is quite allergic to chemicals. After all, nothing can far ruin your beautiful scent than a rash-ridden patch over your face.

Always Take a Bath

The real purpose of any scent is to compliment your natural scent. However, this does not mean that you should use cologne to cover whatever odor you have. You should not even use cologne when haven’t showered in the first place as this only makes your odor worse. Sadly, there are quite a number of people out there that seem to treat cologne as an alternative to showering.

It would be best to clean your body thoroughly first before applying a cologne. That way, the Versace Cologne would sit perfectly with your body.


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