sapphire jewellery

How Sapphire Jewelry Best for Those Who Are Born In September

Sapphire is one of the popular gemstones which is used in the making many types of jewelry items. People simply love it because of its toughness and brilliant colors. Sapphire is derived from the Latin word ‘Sapphirus’ which means blue. This blue gemstone is found in several countries including Thailand, Sri Lanka, the US, East Africa, Myanmar, India, Eastern Australia, and Madagascar.

sapphire jewellery

It is generally a tough stone that is available in different colors too. Apart from being utilized in the jewelry, sapphire is also used in many other accessories too. These stones are available in various forms like the emerald slice, oval shaped stones, marquise, pear shaped, and princess slice.

Coloring combination of sapphire

Though sapphire is predominantly a blue stone, even the shades of yellow are quite popular. Some color shades of sapphire are pink, orange, brown, green, white, and purple. Apart from this, sapphires can be colorless, and some of them even have the characteristics of modifying colors. If you are born in September month, then sapphire is surely the gemstone for you.

Sapphire: One of most common jewelry products

The sapphire’s colorful magnificence is perfect for making Swarovski crystal necklaces. It doesn’t matter if you want a sapphire ring, earring, or a pendant, this stone can bring classy touch to any kind of jewelry. Sapphire jewelry with diamond combinations are used to create some outstanding masterpieces. In addition to jewelry, sapphire is also used for manufacturing some of the finest watches.

Different kinds of Sapphire jewelry:

  • Earrings: Sapphire earrings are available in different variations like the drop earrings, solitaire stud, and with earrings having diamonds on the rims.
  • Rings: Sapphire rings embedded with diamonds are also liked by many people, but even the rings with single sapphire also look equally stunning.
  • Pendants: Most of the Sapphire pendants look absolutely scintillating with the white or yellow precious metal.
  • Bracelets: Prior to being fitted on Swarovski bracelets, the sapphire goes through various processes. This gem is heated at the temperature of above 500 degree Celsius. This is done to enhance its durability, and thus sapphire will last for longer duration of time. This method also enhances its color.
  • Cufflinks
  • Blue sapphire is seen as a true image of commitment, and it goes well with all types of fashion accessories

You can also gift the sapphire jewelry as a token of remembrance and faith. Their exquisite colors and beauty makes them a desired choice for many men and women. In mythology, sapphires are known to have a power of enhancing clairvoyance and telepathic powers. This stone is also believed to have some telekinetic properties, which is the power of mind that controls physical objects.

One of the interesting facts about sapphire, which is unknown to various people, is that it is the second hardest stone available on earth after diamonds. This stone corresponds to various Zodiac signs also such as Sagittarius, Virgo, Taurus and Pisces.


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