Cowboy Boots

How to Shop Fashionable Cowboy Boots

Cowboy BootsCowboy boots are best worn during cold weather especially in fall and winter seasons although some types of riding boots can be also worn during hot and rainy season because of the material used in manufacturing the boots. When buying cowboy boots; consider these factors before swiping your credit card or otherwise opening your wallet at the register.

Quality of Boots Matter

For durability, seek boots made out of cowhide. Cowboy boots typically use cowhide leather as the main material in manufacturing. This leather is a hide from a cow’s skin.  One benefit to cow hide leather is the ease in keeping it clean.  it is also the most affordable leather to use I and has a long lifespan. If you really want to impress someone consider buying boots made out of exotic animal skin like alligator, snake, ostrich, marine animals, etc. Alternatively, choosing synthetic leather might end up being a nightmare because of the nature and poor quality of materials.  Saving money on your cowboy boots should be a priority but not at the expense of the overall quality.  A simply Google search for discount cowboy boots often lists sites that offer high quality boots at a discount.

Cowboy Boot Styles

When buying cowboy boots, keep in consideration your preferred style and where you will wear them. If to wear them in the streets of New York, Paris, Hong Kong, or other fashionable cities then the roper style is recommended as they are up to date with the latest fashion trends. With rounded toes and a fit similar to a regular shoe, roper is the perfect choice for fashionista’s. Roper’s come with many heel heights and will really come down to your personal preference and comfort. This style of boots can have as high as 5 to 7 inch heels or as flat as loafers.

On the other hand, there are styles of cowboy boots not intended to be worn in a urban scene – it’s the classic or tradition design. This cowboy boot has a longer and more pointed style than the Roper, it is above mid-calf length and the standard heels size is not above 2 inches. Cowboy boots are perfect to wear with skinny and slim fit jeans to boost the sexiness and confident. This type of riding boot is also best to pair with loose tops as long as do not tuck-it! You can find your preferred cowboy boots either in-store or online shops, but remember that a typically “rule of thumb” is that the more expensive a riding boot, the greater the lifespan you can get.

Are Custom Made Boots Right For You?

Personalize and custom made cowboy boots have recently become very popular as you can choose your preferred design, pattern, material, and stitching.  Yes it is much pricier but the satisfaction you will get is priceless. If you’re shopping on budget thrift and charitable shops have been known to occasionally have stock of second hand cowboy boots. If you’re not a fan of thrift shops or goodwills  there are online shops like ETSY, Amazon, and EBAY, where you can find vendors offering personalize or customized cowboy boots as well.


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