David Beckham

Cornered Celebrities Who Love The Attention!

Celebrities are just your average human being who has the ability to excel in a certain field such as entertainment, sports, music and even achieving extravagant heights. There are millions of celebrities in different parts of the world who tend to have a signature sense of style and movement. They are the best in what they do and are been loved by many people. A celebrity is considered a very prominent figure for many people. There is an immense level of respect and love, which is given to these celebrities by the general public. The world of music has revolutionized many artists’ lives and made them extremely famous and rich. They still tend to come up with new and more innovative music that will touch many people lives.

One of the world’s most famous artists was Michael Jackson.

Michael JacksonThere is never an award that he has not won. From the age of five he has been in the music industry that has enhanced is musical talents. Where ever a concert is held if Michael Jackson is performing there Is guaranteed to be a crowd that sometimes is unable to be controlled by the authorities. People tend to lose consciousness when he shows off his signature dance moves. The house that he lived in was not an average home it was called Neverland from the fairy tale Peter Pan. He has his very own theme park and zoo, which is said to be out of this world. Until this day there has never been a celebrity who has achieved as much as he has. The album thriller is still the highest sold album of all time. It was a shock to several people all over the world that he has passed away and the world truly lost one of the most famous celebrities and great musicians.

There is another category of celebrities that are said to rock the world in the athletic arena. The most famous sportsmen of all time is David Beckham.

David BeckhamHe is the ex-captain of the England Football squad that is said to have won most of the trophies for both country and club. There are several clubs in the world that tend to bid for such as wonderful public figure. He brings in a talent of curving the football and hitting the back of the net at any part of the field. There is never a part in the world that David Beckham is unknown. In some parts of the world he is revered as a god where people have made gold sculptures of him. David Beckham is famous for his out of the world hairstyles and tattoos, which set him to be one of the world’s most watched celebrities. He married an ex member of the famous girl pop band The Spice Girls and have been under the radar of the general public ever since. He has won major trophies for some of the world’s most prestigious clubs such as Manchester Unite, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy. The transfer from Real Madrid to U.S.A football club the LA Galaxy was the world’s most costly transfer, which is still not broken by any footballer. His wife Victoria Beckham is said to have her very own clothing line, which is highly popular in various parts of the world. Needless to say there is never a time for the average human being to become a celebrity with the right amount of determination and perseverance.


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