Chocolates Your Way

Special Valentine Gift For The Special Person In Your Life!

Heart-shaped Chocolates BoxEvery year on Valentine’s Day many people present their sweetie with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, flowers or a stuffed animal that says “Be Mine,” or some other cheesy saying. But wouldn’t you rather have your loved one thrill to some sort of unique gift on this special day dedicated to love?

If you take the time to really think about the things that you sweetheart loves and cherishes about your relationship or about the things she collects, or that are special to you both then you will be well on your way to finding a unique and romantic Valentine’s Day present.

Here are some suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day unique:

Personalize Your Gift

Valentine Gift IdeasOne-Way to make Valentine’s Day much more unique and special is by finding a way to personalize the gifts you give. Today, there are several methods of creating the perfect personalized item that will seem romantic and make your Valentine’s Day special.

For instance, you can have a picture of you both together printed onto a T-shirt or mug or even a calendar and many other items. Or, you can put your names and the date you met and have it engraved onto a silver photo frame and place a photo of you in it or even a series of photos in a collage.

Chocolates Your Way

Chocolates Your WayYou can even play on the familiar chocolate giving theme and have the candies imprinted with your names and some sort of romantic message like “I love you.” Or, why not find a romantic poem or saying that your loved one likes and have it engraved onto a gift like a music box that plays her favorite song. If she likes flowers, you can create a romantic Valentine’s Love in a Bottle by putting some rose petals into a clear bottle that has a special label on it expressing your love and then tied up with a beautiful red ribbon.

Love is in the Air

Kiss My ValentineAll of these things show your love for one another in a personalized way, but if your sweetie is a bit more daring, here is another possible unique gift choice: a balloon ride for two.

Balloon rides have always been seen as a very romantic and special experience that two people can share. You can buy a special certificate for your loved one that lets you prepare for and set the date in advance at many ballooning companies around the world.

When you take your balloon trip, be sure to prepare for it by wearing the appropriate clothing for the weather and don’t forget your camera! You may even be allowed to take a romantic picnic on board or some wine to make a Valentine’s Day toast to your love for one another. It all depends on the type of balloon ride you purchase.

Think Out Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Whatever type of gift you get for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, be sure that you have put some thought into it so that your sweetie will be impressed and know how you feel about them. It’s not very romantic to just run to the corner drug store and buy a cheap bunch of flowers or a box of candy that anyone can buy. It’s much more romantic and special to think things out and do something unique and special!

These suggestions are just some of the ways to make your Valentine’s Day one that you both will be sure to remember for years to come!


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