Trends in Designer Jewelry

Staying Up To Date: Top 2013 Tips & Trends in Designer Jewelry

Trends in Designer Jewelry

Every year, people worldwide are on the lookout for the latest trends in the fashion industry.

These are the clothes, shoes and accessories worn by the models that grace the covers and pages of glossy magazines. These are the same styles that appear on the mannequins in boutiques. While most clothes and shoes are designed for each season, accessories such as jewelry are more versatile, allowing them to match what people wear, whatever time of the year. There are also different types of jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. For this reason, most women are looking to buy them, especially the designer jewelry. These pieces may be quite pricey but with a good reason.

Why Opt for Designer Jewelry

There is something about designer jewelry that sets it apart from those that are commonly seen in department store displays. These types of jewelry pieces are exclusive, which means that they are only available in a limited number. Most of these are made by hand and are carefully crafted with only the highest quality materials. Designer jewelry embodies a signature style of a particular person and is only seen in high-end boutiques and traditional jewelry stores. Though they may be pricey, buying this type of jewelry allows you to own a valuable, unique creation.

According to the US design jewelers, the following trends will surface this year:

Long drop earrings made of different materials

Women who go for the classical look will like the long drop earrings that are offered in the collections of most designers. They may be made of gold, diamonds and pearls. On the other hand, those who are more daring can opt for these earrings made of different natural materials.

Charm bracelets with colored gemstones

There are a wide variety of gemstones in the market, which come in different colors. As part of their collection, designers have included charm bracelets made from colored semi-precious stones such as agate, opal, sapphire, labradorite and pyrite.

Necklaces that make a statement

Designers have come up with necklaces that are “out of the ordinary.” They are not the usual neckpieces that are seen around. These pieces feature eye-catching colors and unusual designs.

Pearl jewelry pieces with a modern twist

Pearls have continued to be popular among designers and jewelry lovers. It is no wonder why they continue to be part of the fashion trend each year. Some may still like the traditional look of cream-colored pears. Others may want to try the modern twist, which some designers have done with their pearl jewelry collection, with colors ranging from white to gray to black.

Sterling silver in classic and modern designs

Sterling silver jewelry pieces continue to be a staple material in most signature collections of designers. They are seen in classic designs and also modern designs that combine it with leather.

Leather in jewelry

Just like in the last few years, leather continues to be a popular medium used by designers in their jewelry pieces. It can be combined with silver, pearls and semi-precious stones.


This 2013 will find new trends in designer jewelry like traditional materials that come with a modern twist and necklaces that make a statement with their unusual designs, colors and sizes.

However, some conventional trends will continue to be popular like the use of gold, diamonds and pearls in their jewelry pieces.


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