Christmas Fashion Trends

Stylists Discuss Christmas Fashion Trends

The holidays are approaching. Do you know which fashion trends are popular this season?

In Hollywood and other entertainment circles, there is a master list of stylists with well-known names on it like Alex Longmore, Leslie Fremar, Rachel Zoe, and Petra Flannery. These fashion experts know what works, not only for celebrities at red carpet events but for us at snazzy holiday parties from the dresses to the jewellery to the accessories.

Famous Stylists Detail Christmas Fashion Trends

UK celebrity stylist Alex Longmire says she prefers to dress minimally in the winter but that it’s wise to splurge on a party dress or other outfit for the holidays. In addition to your party dress, she suggests filling your wardrobe with staples that will work all season long. Some of her favorites include a Helen Moore Faux Fur multi-colored scarf and high-quality black leather boots by Harvey Nichols.

Both Longmire and another celebrity stylist Leslie Fremar really like Stella McCartney’s designs. Longmire loves the red handbags with the pop of gold stars while Fremar appreciates McCartney’s red blazers which fit well and would look flattering over a simple black cocktail dress.

Fashion stylist Cher Coulter believes you need to find your own style, that trends may change, but your personal taste remains. Some of her favorites include pairing an animal print sweater with a flirty skirt and a pair of black leather boots, while finishing the look with a thin gold choker and a fiery red lipstick.

Christmas Fashion Trends
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Celebrity and fashion stylist Rachel Zoe offers several holiday fashion tips from holiday parties and nights on the town to a weekend skiing at the cabin. For a date night on the town or a fancy holiday party, she suggests a black sequined mini-dress that shows your curves and suede black pumps. With the sequined dress, you don’t need a ton of jewellery so opt for diamond drop earrings. To show them off, style your hair in a French twist and add a coordinating headband. In addition, she recommends some of her favourite shimmering nail polish, including a gold shimmer nail polish by Bobbi Brown and a red nail Lacquer by Butter London.

If you’re heading for a skiing holiday, Zoe suggesting wearing a Fair Isle sweater, which is not only fashionable but will keep you warm on the slopes? Compliment your style with a traditional pom-pom beanie style winter hat, which will look trendy both on and off the slopes.

Other Christmas Fashion Trends and Tips

While famous stylists have weighed in, these are some more general tips for choosing your Christmas attire for this year:

  • Choose black or midnight blue gowns if you’re wearing sequins, as they provide shine and elongate you.
  • Wear a long beaded black dress, which is dressy enough for the theatre or comfortable enough for family parties.
  • Consider wearing a nude or champagne colored slip dress at a formal gathering and you’ll turn heads the minute the champagne cork is popped.
  • Choose a dressy top like a wool sweater or a colorful draped long-sleeve top and pair it with your best dress pants.
  • Dress up any outfit with stunning accessories like red velvet heels, a diamond studded star-shaped purse, or Art-Deco chandelier earrings.

No matter what you decide to wear this holiday season, remember that trends do change, and even the famous stylists prefer keeping their looks simple. So it’s up to you if you want to don a million accessories or wear an actual formal dress or if you’d be more comfortable in a warm knit jumper, warming yourself near the fireplace.


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