Timeless All around Diamond Ring

6 Sparkling Diamond Rings With ‘Celebrity’ Fame!

Diamonds are forever! You all know that, but what makes some diamond so special and priceless is the person who owns them. Check out some of the most auspicious diamond designs which took the spotlight and continue to do the same.

The celebrities have a great impact on our lifestyles. And this is the reason when celebrities get engaged; all newspapers, magazines and online news sources bring down the news of their celebrations with high quality close-up images. In all the events, a part of jewelry, which captures most of the eyes, is the engagement symbol, the ‘ring’. The diamond professionals make every effort to determine the 4c’s (carat, cut, clarity and color) of that particular ring. The reason being, people love to have what their favorite celebrities own. Have glimpse at the most astonishing diamond rings, which every woman crave for;

1. Lorraine Schwartz Diamond

Lorraine Schwartz DiamondTo start with the list of sparkling and astounding diamonds, the big proposal, which brought forth the big engagement ring of 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond. Yes, it was Kanye West who promised for everything to be grand for Kim Kardashian. And this stunning ring, which Kanye slipped on her Kim’s finger, was approximately $ 1.25 million. The worth and elegance of this diamond ring makes it one of the most appealing jewelry that any celebrity profess till now. It is one of the flawless and traditional designs ever.

2. A Vintage Diamond Ring

Vintage Diamond RingAlthough, this pair was probably famous for their relatives, as Ashley tends to be overshadowed by her sibling big sister Jessica and the second to be Ms. Diana Ross’ son, yet now they are more known for their antique ring. Ashlee’s ring is truly a one off. Exclusive design by Neil Lane is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful diamond creations. This five-carat ring is made up of over 140 white diamonds, accented by small rubies comes in perfect blend of platinum and gold.

3. Timeless All around Diamond Ring

Timeless All around Diamond RingJionni LaValle figured out the exact choice of her ladylove Snooki and proposed her with a 5 carat stunning diamond ring. In an eternity band, consisting two carats worth of diamonds and a 3.2-carat princess-cut diamond in center studded in platinum, it costs around $55,000.

4. Sparkler Ring

Sparkler RingThe beautiful couple of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had been together for years. It was on the sets of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where Mr.Pitt proposed to the actress with a dazzling diamond ring worth $500,000. It was a splendid emerald-cut multi-stone piece designed by Robert Procop. This 16-carat sparkler ring took almost a whole year to design!

5. Ice-Skating Ring

Ice-Skating RingElizabeth Taylor got married eight times. Every time she got a classy, elegant and hefty engagement ring from her spouse. Among the entire rings she owned, the special attraction was the one gifted by the film producer Michael Todd. Back in 1956, she was proposed by Mr. Todd with a whopping 30-carat diamond ring, which was amazing and referred to as “ice-skating ring”.

6. The Royal Ring

Royal RingThough this ring had been in the news since Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana in 1981 yet, now it is worth more than ten times its original cost. It belongs to the royal family. And Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the same engagement ring. This 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring is priceless!


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