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How To Tell Whether Your Sunglasses Are Authentic: BVLGARI

BVLGARI sunglassesSunglasses can make the ideal accessory. Throughout the summer months they provide a great way to make a real fashion statement and also to provide a practical use – keeping the sun out of your eyes. One of the biggest disappointments that you can experience is when you find out that your pair of sunglasses isn’t genuine, and in many situations it is incredibly hard to tell – so how can you go about working out whether or not?

I was once the victim of poor sunglasses, and to be honest the main way I found out was looking at the way that my eyes used to ache after I’d been wearing these glasses for a while. I figured that sunglasses were supposed to protect your eyes, not damage them, and as such it immediately concerned me that I had an immense ache in my eyes and headache after I had worn these sunglasses.

After taking them to a professional I was told that the lenses of my glasses were offering me little to no protection from the sun – but in actual fact what they were doing was causing more harm, this was to do with the way in which this specific glass was actually magnifying the rays which were going into my eyes. Never again would I consider a cheap pair of sunglasses.

Style over substance?

Although good sunglasses can be expensive, your health should never allow you to compromise on quality and it can be worth spending a little bit extra to ensure that you get what you need from your sunnies.

If you are on the market for a pair of BVLGARI sunglasses and you aren’t sure how to work out if they’re genuine or not then you are probably best starting out by buying from an authorised retailer, such as BVLGARI themselves or a well-renowned retailer. If you can’t find the style that you are looking for then it’s worth thinking about how you can ensure your sunglasses are authentic.

It’s the little things…

The small details will help you tell your genuine sunglasses apart from fakes, and the first way that you can identify this is by looking at the engravings on each arm. Generally a pair of genuine sunglasses will have an engraving on the arms, in contrast a pair of fakes will not go into this much detail.

With the BVLGARI range you will also find that the company logo has been engraved along with a serial number on the lens. By looking for these small features you can help to quickly and easily identify whether or not a pair of BVLGARI sunglasses is genuine – and in turn ensure that your money is well spent!


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