Bandage Dress

Top 5 Tips To Rock Bandage Dresses

Bandage DressWho doesn’t want to represent her as smart and well trendy person? Now a days everyone is conscious about her beauty. Every girl dreams to be beautiful, as a matter of fact, hot. Bandage dress is such kind of dress, which helps one to make her look gorgeous as well as fashionable. Actually bandage dress is a body shaper cloth, which complements the body and brings out the best features. It is designed to mold to the female shape and to make the figure flattering.

Actresses of Hollywood wear bandage dresses at different occasions. Celebrities wearing bandage dresses shine on the red carpets. Bandage dress is one of the popular styles of late ‘80s. For all, it is not only the most daring but also the sexiest dress. This dress is famous for its fashionable and sexy styles.

There are certain tricks that can help one look even better while it comes to bandage dress. Top 5 tips to rock the bandage dress are,

  1. Accessorize it with jewelry that would uplift the outfit
  2. Grab the best pair of shoes which would put more dazzle to your outfit
  3. Pick out your undergarments accordingly
  4. Get the right kind of clutch or bag
  5. Work the hair

One looks so charming at a glance if she wear a black or red bandage dress embellished with stones or beads during the night. Body hugging bandage dress molds body into an hourglass shape, which makes her different from all others and increases the charm of the evening. Bandage dress smoothes out one’s shape and represents her as a most beautiful and hot lady. That’s why its popularity is increasing day by day.

Hervé L. Leroux was the designer who designed first ever bandage dress from the brand Hervé Leger. But today many renowned brands start designing it as its popularity is increasing very fast in almost all countries. Bandage dress is made of cotton, denim, polyester, nylon, fabric and all other garments. Designers adorn it with stones, leis, fabrics, embroidery and many other fancy things.

One can wear a bandage dress at late night party, birthday party, marriage ceremony and where not? It’s suitable for any occasion not only at night but also at all over the day. It is fashionable at the same time shows maximum sex appeal.

If one wants to go out just for shopping or for any other works then she can avoid any jewellary with her bandage dress. But if she wants to attend any party then she can definitely use any simple or gorgeous jewelry to enrich her beauty. A necklace can highlight her neck and balance the whole look for a night party. She can use a necklace with a pair of chandelier earrings just to make her beautiful. But a short or choker necklace in gold, silver or pewter can make her look so attractive, that nobody can pass by without having a second glance. The necklace can contain different types of stones, pearls or even diamonds of different colors. If one wants to avoid any ornaments then she can beautify her only with a rhinestone clip holding her hair.

Now she should be conscious about her footwear. It must make her different. One can use a pair of sexy and sleek shoes with a bandage dress. As bandage dress has nearly naked-look so stockings or nude hose should be avoided with it. Stiletto heels look superb with it anywhere and in any occasion. Strappy sandals with a kitten heel may also be an option for her according to her choice. At night sandals can be of the same color of the dress which makes her beauty outstanding.

One can use a clutch instead of straps as clutch is a nice combination with bandage dress. The clutch can be small and unadorned if she wants to take a formal look.  It may also be with brocade, sequins or embroidery. If the dress is bright then one can intesify it with a clutch in a complementary hue. At night party any lady taking a clutch with a bandage dress looks more attractive than others.

A few sleek hair styles may be perfect for these kinds of dress. Medium-to long-length hair can be let down with bandage dress. Hair can be blown out smooth for a soft and sweet look. But for a super-sexy look some waves can be created in hair which is perfect for those bandage dress having high neckline.

One should be brave enough to rock a bandage dress and she must be careful about some other matters. Such as, the undergarment should look smooth and it should keep everything in place. Sometimes the upper body needs some supports, and that’s why one should use a bandage dress with a built-in support. Designers have designed many bandage dresses having plunging necklines and skimpy bodices and so one can’t use traditional bra with it. So she must be more conscious about it both at day and night.


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