Diamond Leaf Pattern Ring

5 Fancy Engagement Ring Styles that You Must Check

Are you going to design your own engagement ring? That’s indeed one of the tricky task as you get confuse often. Actually, many guys don’t have any idea of latest rings styles so they find it hard to pick one that will be liked and admired by her beloved lady. Therefore, I’m here to help them with an article that provides details of 5 best fancy styles of engagement ring. No doubt, these styles are perfect from every angle and your sweetheart will love to wear it. It’s time to stop your web search and start grabbing the details of 5 fancy engagement rings.

1. Diamond Leaf Pattern Ring

Diamond Leaf Pattern RingIf your sweetheart loves the nature then she would love to wear this ring. Instead of getting a solitaire ring, you should try to buy leaf design ring. Jeweler will insert a diamond of your choice inside the leaf setting. You can make the variations in the below design by inserting fancy diamonds. As far as setting is concerned, you will have three options such as 14k white gold, 18k white gold and platinum. There is no need to go for yellow gold, as leaf may not look perfect with this setting.

2. Interlinking Diamond Ring

Interlinking Diamond RingIt is one of my favorite designs as this interlinking is a symbol of your link with the partner. You are going to design your own engagement ring because you want to closely connect with her and this ring will convey this message in a clear format. Interlinking of little diamond looks perfect and elegant. Whenever you need something different yet attractive for your girl then this fancy design should be your preference.

3. Split End Diamond Ring

Split End Diamond RingThis design of engagement ring can aesthetically appeal not only to your sweetheart but also her friends. This kind of unique style grabs the attention of every person who sees her hand. Some people think that buying big rock single diamond ring is only the best option whilst it actually not the case is. Multiple tiny diamonds in split end setting can really win the heart of a girl.

4. Twist Channel Ring

Twist Channel RingChannel is indeed one of the best styles but when you make a combination of channel with twist then surely you get a fabulous ring. According to my own viewpoint, this ring will remind you lady that day when she met you first time and she had a twist in life. Channel setting is used to secure the tiny diamonds.

5. Diamond Flower Pattern Ring

Diamond Flower Pattern RingIn case your sweetheart likes the flowers then you can design your own engagement ring with diamond flower pattern. Indeed this pattern looks astonishing and she would love to wear it. However, this ring will not be suitable for a working lady as it’s quite heavy and she will be unable to wear it all the time.

I’m sure that when you will check these five fancy rings then designing your own ring will become an easy task for you. You can either buy the same design or search for other fancy rings, choice is yours.


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