Party Dresses For All Occasions
Party Dresses For All Occasions

The Best Party Dresses For All Occasions

When it comes to parties, it’s easy to overdress as these are occasions where everybody wants to “dress to impress”. Stick to these simple rules when choosing your party outfit and you will definitely impress everybody with your sharp sense of style!

Choose the length of the party dress according to the formality of the event. The more formal the party, the longer the dress must be. For example, highly formal occasions such as weddings, galas, soirees, formal dinners etc. require very elegant and dressy outfits, meaning long evening dresses (floor-length or at least ankle-length). For office parties, cocktail parties and other business-related events, the midi knee-length dress is classic, elegant and most appropriate, while casual occasions such as birthday anniversaries, beach parties and night out parties are the best time to flaunt your legs in mini dresses that are too sensual and revealing for any other occasion.

Best colours to wear at parties are:

  • Black: classic, elegant and mysterious, suitable for all types of parties

  • White: classic, elegant, romantic and pure, suitable for all types of parties (except for weddings, if you’re not the bride)

  • Red: feminine and sensual, the colour of passion and desire, goes well especially with festive and night parties

  • Silver and Gold: metallic and fashionable colours, very suitable for festive and night parties

  • Bright Colours: bold and intense, not suitable for formal events, but perfect for casual parties and daytime events

  • Neutral Colours: classic, elegant and conservative, suitable for all types of parties and best accessorised with bright accessories or jewellery.

Choose the cut of the dress according to the location and formality of the party.

For Prom Parties: Strapless Chiffon Dress with Satin Top

Strapless Chiffon Dress with Satin TopProm parties call for special evening gowns made from fine materials such as silk, chiffon, tulle, satin, lace or smooth velvet. This is not the time to dress too wild or too sexy, so it’s best to go for a classic, timeless silhouette that will help you achieve a feminine and delicate, yet sensual look. A strapless satin and chiffon dress is perfect for the occasion, as it reveals the neck, collarbone and shoulders, while keeping a delicate note of elegance thanks to the sweet contrast between the creamy dress and the satin top.

For Prom Parties: Pinned-up Dress

For Prom Parties- Pinned-up DressThe pinned-up dress is sensual, yet retro and romantic, perfect for special evening occasions such as prom parties. It does accentuate the bust but keeps a midi length that tones down the “sexiness” of the top. The waist of the dress is raised above the natural waistline, below the bust, therefore the silhouette will appear leaner and taller. The flattering flowing appearance will go from innocent to sensual if you opt for a scarlet pinned-up dress, burgundy, wine or any other dark red shade.

For Office Parties: A-line Midi Dress

For Office Parties- A-line Midi DressThe A-line dress is classic and elegant, always a stylish option for office outfits and all kinds of business events, even for cocktail parties. It is fitted from the shoulders to the hips and widens to the hem – a classic cut that all silhouettes can embrace in order to look elegant and feminine. Choose the A-line midi dress with high neckline, as you can wear it during the day, at the office, and then simply use some statement shoes and shiny jewellery to turn it into a sophisticated party dress.

For Office Parties: Wrap-around Sheath Dress

For Office Parties- Wrap-around Sheath DressIf you want timeless elegance and subtle sensuality in the same outfit, go for a wrap-around sheath dress! It hugs the curves of the upper body, then gently follows the hips and ends above the knees, so it won’t reveal too much skin. Not too conservative, nor too sensual, it is the perfect style statement to accentuate your curves in a graceful manner. Not to mention it looks great on every body shape, creating the ideal hourglass silhouette by enhancing the bust while slimming the waist and flattening the stomach.

Beach Parties: Stripped Sheath Dress

Stripped Sheath DressAt beach parties, you get to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, as long as the fabric is thin, soft and light coloured, and the cut of the dress allows you to move freely and lets the air “ventilate” your body. Focus on sheer floating dresses, aerial and loose, such as sheath dresses that gently follow your body line to create a feminine silhouette. For the ultimate “beach-y” vibe, choose a striped sheath dress: stripes are all about having fun on the beach during summer holiday!

For night out parties: Short Dress with ¾ Sleeves

night out partiesThis is where you can wear your sexy short dress without looking tacky! But there is a rule you need to follow in order to look attractive and feminine, and not like the attention-seeker type: balance out the sexiness of your short dress by wearing long or at least ¾ sleeves. This way you get to flaunt your legs and look sexy, but not over-the-top sexy, as your arms will remain covered. Showing too much skin is never a good idea when you are in a public place. A short dress with ¾ sleeves is a bold statement of body confidence and self-esteem, without crossing the boundary of decency and style. Hundreds ideas for party dresses are published every month on Molly-dress site.


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