Mineral Makeup

6 Mineral Makeup Essentials for Your Vanity Case

Mineral makeup represents an element of the wider field of mineral cosmetics, the same products that really generated a lot of interests since they became widely used a few years ago. But, at the same time, use of minerals for this purpose dates back thousands of years when many of those were used for both medicinal and aesthetical purposes.

Essentially, these products represent makeup compounds, which are created out of compressed mineral elements that are kept in their natural composition. Mostly these products represent minerals in their pure form, without any additives like wax or oil. While some minerals have a health benefit, these are mainly used because they are neutral for the skin and do not pose a threat of irritation or any other side effects of chemicals present in the old-fashioned makeup products.

Also, mineral makeup provides some advantages that cannot be attained with regular products, covering things like its appliance, effects, longevity and other factors. Because of this, the same are becoming more and more popular with people who simply demand excellence when it comes to the way they look. Here is a list of 6 essential makeup products that will allow you to support your vanity by having flawless makeup.

  1. Mineral Eye Shadow:

Thanks to its thickness and the ability to blend in with the skin, mineral eye shadow is the perfect foundation compound. It will give anyone who wears it a sparkling look that will provide both flair and depth to their eyes. When purchasing it, you should focus on quality instead of quantity because even small amounts will last you a long time.

  1. Mineral Finish:

A great advantage of mineral makeup is its ability to bind other types of products. Using an essence finish will feel light on your skin, but it will still allow all other makeup to blend into one great composition. While these products are great, be mindful of those, which overstate their effectiveness, because they will not work if they are used as a primary makeup layer. Instead, use it as a fantastic way of supporting an existing makeup combination.

  1. Mineral Power:

This mineral makeup product will provide your skin with a subtle but pervasive glow, but at the same time, it will eliminate the shimmer or the glitter feel of traditional powders. This way, you can attain that inner glow which looks spectacular in the right circumstances. An additional tip would be to use it primarily at night and against a dark garment like a black dress when its full potential can shine out.

  1. Mineral Eye Color:

It should be clear by now that mineral makeup is a dream come true for the entire eye area and eye color is not different. With it, you can have any tone you like and the mineral eye color product will provide you with a smooth and easily bendable compound. Here, you should experiment with different tones and find one that is just perfect for your skin and hair colors.

  1. Mineral Cheek Color:

Use a mineral cheek color and you will get a full, silky feel for the same area of your face. With this blush, you can go for vibrant or subtle, but because of its neutral composition, it will not block your pores and lead to acne. If you have an oily skin type, this mineral makeup will be a true lifesaver.

  1. Mineral Mascara:

When it comes to full and rich-looking eyelashes, mineral mascara is the undisputed king. These natural compounds will both elongate individual lashes, but also make them more prominent and visible, allowing you to have the ultimate option when it comes to having beautiful eye makeup. When choosing the right mineral mascara, make sure it comes with a high-quality brush because it will determine how well the makeup is distributed.

By using these mineral makeup products, you can not only support your vanity when it comes to the way you look but also enforce it even further by having an impeccable, natural look that simply glows.


I’m Pauline Youngblood, founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. We offer high-quality minerals cosmetics that enable you to show-off a fresh and vitalized look. We help to give the desired makeup effects with mineral makeup products and keep the skin healthy and revitalized with the natural look.