The Various Flower Giving Etiquette Around the World

The Various Flower Giving Etiquette Around the World

People have always given each other flowers and probably always will, and while in every part of the world, giving flowers is traditional, there are different customs according to the culture. Here are just some of the giving-flowers etiquette that shows the diversity around the world.


In Germany, it is generally accepted that white flowers are for funerals. Avoid sending an even number of flowers, with the exception of the unlucky number 13. France is similar, plus yellow flowers are also meant for funerals. Sweden has one custom, which is not to bring flowers when invited to dinner, a bottle of wine is much preferred. The UK has deep-rooted traditions that include floral arrangements, with the red rose a symbol of love and fidelity, while carnations imply hope and platonic love. Flowers have always been used throughout England’s colourful history, with many festivals, today celebrated with the giving and receiving of flowers.

Latin America

Various Flower Giving Etiquette Around the World

As a general rule in Latin America, never give purple flowers, as in most South American nations, they are only used for funerals. Some Latin cultures are also very superstitious. In Mexico, as with most places, avoid the number 13, for obvious reasons. A white bouquet made up of several species is ideal for attending a dinner party, while purple is reserved for funerals, oh, and red and yellow are associated with black magic! In Argentina, flowers are not considered as a gift, but if you’re invited to dinner, do take flowers as it is considered impolite to arrive empty-handed. If your soulmate is staying in Mexico and you wanted to send flowers to her, simply Google ‘international flower delivery Mexico’ and you can find reliable florists that offer same and/or next day delivery. You can even decide what time the flowers are delivered!


If you are in China, avoid the number 4, as this is associated with death, and cut flowers are typically reserved for funerals. In India, they love to give flowers for almost every occasion, except when you attend a business meeting. It is traditional to bring flowers when you first visit a person at their home, so do remember that, and whatever you do, do not choose frangipani, as they are strictly for funerals. In Singapore, 3 is lucky, while 6 is not, and the good news is that flowers are seen as a nice gesture.

The Middle East

Flowers are not really considered, other than they grow in the garden, which may have something to do with the fact that they have so much sand. It is also worth noting that in Egypt, flowers are not considered a suitable gift.

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