Bridesmaid Gifts

Tips On Choosing Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid GiftsYour bridesmaids will stand beside you on your special day, and have supported you and loved you during your wedding planning journey. They’ve even put up with some of your crazier requests because they know it’s your wedding and you deserve everything your little heart desires. To show them you appreciate everything they’ve done for you, as well as give them a little something to remember your big day by, choosing a great bridesmaid gift is important. Here are a few factors to consider when buying something for your best girls to show you care.

You Can Buy Them Any Time

Shopping for bridesmaid gifts doesn’t have to have a timeline, which means you can begin looking for gifts right away. More importantly, though, you can begin looking for deals right away. If you keep your eyes open while you do other things on your list, you might find an incredible off-season deal or maybe even a holiday sale. Sign up for various websites to receive their e-mail coupons, which can also alert you to when there’s amazing deals.

Consider It A Trade

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for bridal party gifts is that they need to represent what each bridesmaid has spent on your big day. If you are helping financially, then your gift can be a little smaller. But if you’re asking your bridesmaids to spend several hundred dollars on a dress and shoes, then pay for the hotel room and their flight to make it, consider spending a little more to show just how much you appreciate them.

Your Maid Of Honor Is the MVP

Consider spending a little bit more money on your beloved maid of honor, just as a trade-off for all of the little extra things she does for you. It’s usually her responsibility to organize the bachelorette party and coordinate the bridal shower, so she has spent a little extra on you. Show her how much you appreciate her by buying a more unique and/or lavish gift.

Presents In the Present

Traditionally, bridesmaid gifts are handed out at the rehearsal dinner, after the bride toasts her maids and praises them for all of the hard work and support they have contributed to the wedding. If you’re not one for public moments, though, just make sure you then find a private time with your bridesmaids where you can give them your gifts, so that you don’t feel rushed.

Types Of Gifts

Deciding what to get your bridesmaids is no easy task, but there are two options you need to narrow down first: uniform or individual gifts. A uniform gift could be the jewelry or shoes you’d like them to wear at the wedding. It could even be matching robes. Whatever you buy, make sure it will have a function post-wedding. Individual gifts are also quite good, because just as your maids have individual personalities, they also have individual taste. Another great idea is to customize gifts, such as shirts emblazoned with each bridesmaid’s name.

Always consider their preferences, as well as their tastes. For the ultimate test, make sure you consider whether or not you would want the gift if you participated in a wedding. If yes, then put it on the list of considerations. If not, then move on to a new brilliant idea that is sure to mist them up.


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