Women Wear That Men Hate

Top 5: What Women Wear That Men Hate

Women Wear That Men HateMen will always tell you how beautiful you are and they will always mean it but if you are wearing something tacky or hideous, they usually will keep it to themselves. So while you are trying to figure out what to wear, keep in mind, your boy toy may hate it. What are some of the things that women wear that men hate? Most of these should be obvious ladies!

What Not to Wear

1. Harem pants

Sure, we can say that harem pants are “in” and they can be found on the street and on the runway. But men couldn’t care less how “in” they are. Why? Well ladies, when you wear harem pants, not only do you look frumpy but you are dressing like a guy. Do you really think a guy wants to go on a date with a girl whose pants are so baggy that her crotch is hanging lower than his? Gather up your harem pants, burn them, and never look back. Next time you decide what to wear, pick something a little more slimming.

2. Ugg Boots or Crocs

These two shoes don’t even deserve to be in their own separate categories. Almost all men hate Ugg boots. They especially hate the brightly colored and sequined boots. The worst is when women wear these boots with a skirt in the summertime. If you think what to wear during the summer heat should consist of sweaty Ugg boots, be our guest but we can guarantee you that that cute guy out on the beach will not be sweating for you.

Crocs. Oh, Crocs. Even women should hate these. Enough said.

3. Oversized Clothing

If a man has assumed you are wearing oversized clothing because you are pregnant, you have failed girlfriend. He wants to see your curves. He doesn’t want them hidden underneath that thing you call a shirt, or a dress or a sweater. If we don’t know what it is, he won’t. You might as well be wearing a moo moo. Next date, when you are looking for what to wear, try something a little sexier. Leave the oversized clothing for a night home alone while you watch romantic comedies and eat Rocky Road ice cream.

4. Too Much Makeup

Believe it or not, men like a woman with a little bit more of a natural look. They are not a fan of caked-on foundation where your face is a totally different color than your neck. That isn’t to say that men want you to wear no makeup at all, but sparkly black eye shadow, thick eyeliner and bright lipstick with lip liner probably isn’t the way to go. In short ladies, if he can’t tell what you look like underneath all that face paint, maybe you should invest in some makeup remover for your next date.

5. Fake Nails, Hair and Eyelashes

Men don’t understand the fake fad. Women sport fake nails, hair, eyelashes and even tans. And if you are a woman who has all of these, we need to talk. The long spidery fake nails are tacky. The extremely long hair extensions look too artificial. The fake eyelashes totally creep men out. And the fake tan, well you just look orange. Having all this fake stuff will really make a man uncomfortable. Why? Well, after your nice date the two of you start making out on his couch. One of your fake nails pops off, he touches your head while he kisses you and gets a handful of fake hair, he looks into your eyes only to see your eyelashes falling off and you left an orange stain on his couch from your tan. The ultimate male nightmare.

This article is posted by Mike Mardis from The Nail Superstore.


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