Birthday Party

Top 7 Locations In The World To Go For A Birthday Party

Are you tired of celebrating your kid’s birthday in your home year after year? If you are nodding your head in affirmation, then you don’t need to be upset, as there are a number of places, around the world, where you can go to have an amazing birthday party.

After all, it’s your birthday and I am sure you want it to be special, so here are top 7 locations you can travel to make your birthday memorable.

Napa and Sonoma, California

This place is popular as one of the world’s finest wine growing regions and it is certainly a great destination to go for birthdays. Besides, being a well-known vineyard and wineries, the place also packs in a wide variety of tourist attractions. Make sure you have taken your kids to Safari West where they can see a wide variety of different types of birds and animals.

My Kid Atelier, London

My Kid Atelier is a place where a theme-based (40 birthday party themes) birthday party for your kid can be arranged. Located in west London, here the team specialises in arranging birthday parties for both boys and girls for all age groups. Whether you are looking to have a location-based party or a home-based party, they can make the arrangements for you. They are known to deliver activities that are both creative and at the same time fun as well.

Beloved Playa Mujeres Resort, Mexico

Surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches, headway to Mexico. Enjoying a great inland marina and a golf course designed by none other than Greg Norman, this is a great tropical retreat. Taking inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Mexico, its extravagant suites features contemporary décor and deluxe facilities including – air conditioning, satellite television, mini bars, etc. This place has all the qualities to make your birthday memorable.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Well, there is no better place to make your birthday special than Puerto Rico. While you are in this heavenly place, colourful old houses, cobbled streets, restaurants, and quaint shops will surely make your day more special. Enjoy strolling at the fragrant University of Puerto Rico Botanical Garden. The garden is known to have a nice collection of colourful blooms and exotic plants. If you are seeking some adventure on your birthday, then you can explore the underwater treasures with Akuazone Dive Center.

Maui, Hawaii

This sun-drenched tropical island gives you a perfect opportunity to escape the hustle-bustle of the city life and enjoy your birthday at one of the serene places of the world. If you are coming along with your beloved, then enjoying a sunset beach walk is what you should try. Both of you can also have some adventure by indulging in varied water activities such as – kayaking, scuba diving, boating, and paddle boarding.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a popular tourist destination and celebrating your birthday here is nothing short of bliss. This is a perfect tropical retreat offering you opportunities to relax, surf, practice yoga, and just basking in the sun. You can also enjoy relaxing spa treatments just to loosen you up before you have your birthday blast. You can also be a part of fitness and cooking classes.

Children’s Museum, Pittsburgh

If you really want to make your kid’s birthday special, then having a party full of fun, learning, and playing at Children’s Museum will surely add a touch of exhilaration. Rest assured as the party is guided by the ‘play with real stuff’ approach of the museum. This way, the kids will certainly get a chance of becoming a part of varied creative activities such as – building a car, printing a t-shirt, making a flower press, and decorating crowns.


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