Wedding Ring Ideas

Unique Wedding Ring Ideas!

It seems that weddings just get more and more extravagant. The wedding industry is huge, as more of us put time into choosing unique rings, themes, settings and dress codes for our big day. Selecting wedding rings can be tricky. If you’re looking for something unique then consider these alternative wedding ring ideas.

Antique Rings

Those interested in bringing a classic elegance to their wedding ring should consider purchasing an antique. There are many available, so it should be relatively easy to find one that suits a particular style or taste. Depending on the theme of the wedding, it can be relatively easy to find a ring in keeping with the style. In the UK you can find many beautiful wedding rings from the Victorian era, which prove popular among women interested in this period of history, its literature and fashion styles.

Shaped Wedding & Engagement Rings

Engagement and wedding rings both sit on the same ring finger, and some people complain that their rings strike each other or become uncomfortable. Shaped rings fit together perfectly like a ying-yang, which means that rings don’t rub against each other. You can have a wedding ring designed to fit together with engagement ring or vice versa. You can even consider getting an anniversary ring shaped to fit the wedding ring.

Impression Rings

Wedding Ring Ideas

Many people like to have engravings on their wedding rings. It can be names, dates, messages, symbols, lyrics, quotations or virtually anything you can think of. Custom messages are a great way of adding a personal touch to a ring.

Impression rings are rings that have engravings on in the inside of the ring. While they might not be visible from the outside, the person wearing the ring knows they are there. As long as the ring is a good fit, the engraving will leave an impression on the finger. If the engraving is done back-to-front, then when the ring is removed the message will be revealed imprinted on the finger.

Impression rings are popular for people who have secret, private messages they want inscribed on the ring.

Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Titanium is an incredibly light and hard-wearing metal. Many men don’t like to wear expensive wedding rings because they fear that they will become lost or damaged during manual work. Many of these men select titanium rings for their hard-wearing qualities. They are strong and hold their shape better than most metals, and can have gems set within them, engravings or different types of finishes on the inside or outside of the ring.

Hand Fasting

In traditional Celtic and Pagan marriages, the ring-giving ceremony is replaced by hand-fasting, which involves the couple having their hands bound together. Once they are fully joined their hands are unbound on the condition that they remain together forever of their own free will.

Bespoke Jewellery

The best way to get a unique ring to your taste is to have one made by a jeweler. They can be made from a range of different precious metals and gemstones, and can be tailored to your specific requirements. After finding out the type of jewellery you like the jeweler should be able to suggest a few different types of designs, incorporating all or none of the elements discussed in this article.


Ouroboros are less a type of ring, and more a style. The Ouroboros is a symbol which depicts a snake or dragon in a circular shape eating its own tail. It means different things to different people, but historically it’s been associated with the concept of infinity, eternity. Immortality and rebirth. For some people there’s nothing better to signify their unending love.

Other Gems and Stones

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but there are other types of jewels and gem stones that can make really nice wedding rings. Pearls are often overlooked, but what could be more romantic than wearing something plucked from the deep blue ocean? The value of pearls depends on their size, shape and colour, the most valuable are bright white, although black pearls are considered very unusual and valuable.

Corals are marine animals that live in huge colonies. These strange creatures secrete calcium carbonate, and form a hard skeleton-type substance known as coral reef. It comes in many different colours, and red coral in particular is becoming a popular choice for rings. It’s relatively high in price due to overharvesting of red coral, and it’s a favourite among diving, surfing and sea enthusiasts.


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