Add a Few Inches to Your Height

Ways on How to Add a Few Inches to Your Height

Add a Few Inches to Your Height
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Women who are unhappy about their short stature definitely tried remedies like chugging down calcium supplements, and even desperately buying that height enhancement ad on TV. This is understandable, since being tall nowadays does not only mean that you have good height genes, but acquiring a few inches above your counterparts also projects superiority and power.

They say height is a non-negotiable matter, well, at least literally. But increasing your virtual height is possible with these tips. Dress up and look taller by following these few points:

A monochromatic attire is better

For the ladies, the first plausible solution you could try is to wear monochromatic women clothes. These are clothes set in one color or at least within the shades of the same color. One-colored dresses or attires will help stretch your height a bit, as these will provide a columnar guise. Stay away from clothes that do the opposite, such as multicolored dresses, for it creates several horizontal lines which shorten one’s appearance.

Tight clothing is not your enemy

A few will have this as a peg since it may be comfortable at first. But actually, wearing tighter clothes may help you if your aim is to look taller because it enhances the view of your curves and lines. Wearing baggy clothes is not really advisable for someone who is vertically challenged, for they seemingly look stout. There is an exception though if you wear a baggy top over tight skinny jeans, for skinny jeans have a slimming effect on your legs, thus, you’ll look taller. You will be surprised to see that your leg length has not changed. But for additional virtual height, try on that well-fitted tank top over your favorite tight jeans.

Capri shorts are a no-no

Capri shorts are mid-calf shorts that are worn commonly due to its comfortability during long walks. However, they are not the best shorts to wear for someone who wants to look taller. Capri shorts make your legs appear tubby, and your height a little bit shorter, too. Wear something that will cutoff right above the knee or at least an inch below the knee. Your legs will appear longer than they are.

Stand high with heels

If you are a sassy chic who loves flats, throw those away and get in some heels! Flat shoes make your feet appear paddle-like, thus bringing attention to your feet. Trot with heels and stride like a beauty queen! Not only will you look and feel taller, but also you can pair it up with the most common outfits such as tank tops and jeans. Remember to select an appropriate, comfortable height to avoid watching where you’re walking. You can try on some platform heels, too, and wedges as well, if you find being on stiletto heels uncomfortable.

Wear long shirts

Noticed that lately most shirts sold nowadays are longer in length? This is because longer shirts will actually make your torso appear longer. If you are targeting for additional “virtual inches,” a longer tank top or tee-shirt will look good on you. Choose the tighter ones, however, for baggy shirts will rather produce the opposite effect.

Opt for stripes

As for the stripes, take the classic instruction: avoid the horizontals for they make you appear wider while take on with the verticals for they stretch your height and make you look taller.

Choose bright colored dresses

Even though dark-colored outfits will have a slimming effect and make you appear taller, bright-colored ones will actually emphasize a part of your body that you think is best. For example, if you have long legs, you may choose bright colored pants to drive the attention to them. If you have a flat tummy, you might want to wear a tight yellow shirt the next time. Bright colored dresses serve more like accessories to your assets, taking of the attention to your height and rather putting the spotlight to what really makes you shine.

Adding more inches to your height is naturally impossible for adults, but being dismayed is the last thing you need to resort to. The next time that you shop for new sets of women clothes, remember these tips – you might just get the best outfit that will not only make you look taller, but also accentuate your figure’s best parts.


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