Diamonds Are Forever

Engagement Rings – Diamonds Are Forever!

Diamonds Are ForeverEngagement rings are traditionally given from a man to a woman during a proposal. There are different types of rings available and one of those styles is a diamond. Diamonds are excellent choices and last years but they need to be looked after. It is also important to buy high quality gems.

Make Sure It Is a Diamond

Diamond and cubic zirconium look very similar and it is easy to mix up the two. However, cubic zirconium is a cheaper stone and it should be clearly labelled when this is used. This will depend on where you buy from; smaller market stalls and those selling their own jewelry may not state this so it is worth asking before buying. Diamonds last much longer than their cheaper alternative and offer a brighter shine.

Amount of Crystallized Carbon

Diamonds are made from crystallized carbon and other minerals that fuse together from heat. The higher the amount of this carbon, the better the diamond is. Those that are 99.95 percent of crystallized carbon are likely to be thousands, if not billions, of years old. It is worth asking about the percentage; the higher the number, the longer the diamond is likely to last.

Caring for the Ring

Caring for diamond rings is important so that they last forever. This involves cleaning, storing and protecting. Diamonds need to be cleaned on a regular basis as the oils in the skin make them look dull and bland. However, they should not be cleaned with strong products; hot soapy water will be enough. Soak the ring in the water for at least 30 minutes and then use a soft brush just to tap the sides of the ring. This should loosen off the dirt and then you can place the ring back in the water to clean and the dry.

Always store diamond engagement rings separately from other rings, stones and gems. This will help to avoid anything rubbing against the stone and damaging the diamond. Similarly, when doing activities involving hands, the ring should be removed to avoid damaging it. Working with the ring on could lead to the diamond becoming loose, breaking or cracking.

Diamond engagement rings are a great way to show the woman in your life that you love her. It is important to find a high quality gem to gain the best value for your money. However, caring for the ring after the sale is also important to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.


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