Wedding Proposal Checklist

Wedding Proposal Checklist for Men: 6 Things to Consider Before Asking

If you’re ready to start your own “happily-ever-after,” then read on.

Proposing to your girlfriend is not easy as it seems. Sure, you can get down on one knee and pop the question without planning ahead. You might have forgotten the ring but it’s okay. You might have chosen the least romantic spot but she would probably still say yes because she’s head-over-heels in love with you. But can you really allow this special event to go by without careful planning and proper preparation?

Wedding Proposal Checklist

[1] What women want.

Women want you to propose in a manner that is sincere, romantic and simply perfect for her. After all, wedding proposals only happen once in a lifetime and should be a happy and remarkable event for both parties.

So, before you pop the big question, make sure that you cover all the bases. Here’s a basic checklist of factors to consider in creating the dream proposal your woman wants.

[2] Date

Find a positive time to propose. Although some may not mind, most women want you to steer clear of popular days like Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s day. Women want to feel special and want their engagement to be the only highlight of the day.

You can ask your girlfriend ahead what she thinks of friends who’ve got engaged on holidays so that you would have a clear idea of what she prefers.

[3] Public, Semi-private, or Private?

How well do you know your girl? Is she the introvert or the extrovert type? Would she want you to pull it off publicly with flash mob dancers, or semi-privately like in a small restaurant, or privately with only the two of you around?

Some brides would love the idea of an intimate proposal, over dinner and wine in your favorite restaurant. Yet there are also others who enjoy being the center of attention.

[4] Location

Location is a major factor in setting your girl’s mood. If you choose the location which is perfect for her, you don’t need to try so hard before hearing her say yes. However, you should consider your budget first. How much are you willing to spend?

If you have a lot to spare, your bride would love being engaged while traveling on a romantic trip abroad or while staying in luxurious hotels. You can ask her by the pool, or while watching enchanting fireworks. If you’re a bit tight, you can go for a drive to the beach, watch the sunset together, go back to where you first met, and visit other sentimental places.

[5] The Ring

A wedding proposal will be incomplete without an engagement ring. The ring is physical evidence that you are serious in committing to a future with her.

To choose the right engagement ring that will definitely win her over, you need to do some research. Get her ring size and read online resources on how to select the perfect engagement ring for the most important girl in your life. If you are having a hard time choosing, you can also buy a temporary low cost ring and buy one with her after she says yes.

By heavens, do not lose the engagement ring or forget to bring it when you propose! Keep it in a safe place so it won’t get lost.

[6] What to Say

It’s this one time when you are given the chance to say how much your girl really means to you. Be creative. Tell her how she makes you feel, what you love about her, how you see yourselves in the future together, how she completes your life.

To avoid being tongue tied, it might be best to prepare ahead. You can write it down on a piece of paper and practice saying it when you’re alone. It doesn’t have to be memorized, you just need to have an outline in your head. You can also hand over a letter to her, and after her reading it, you pop out the ring and ask for her hand in marriage.


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