Silicone Rings The Best Choice For Rings

What Makes Silicone Rings The Best Choice For Rings?

Those who have ever misplaced their wedding rings and needed to find them before their spouse found out well know the benefits of having a functional wedding ring. Many couples choose to avoid the traditional route of using metal wedding rings for a set of long-lasting silicone rings these days. For anyone who wants to actively engage in their activities without removing their ring or crush an expensive stone, silicone rings offer the best alternative. If you are contemplating replacing your metal wedding rings with silicone rings and you are not yet convinced, here are the several advantages that make silicone rings the best choice.

Silicone Rings

1. Defies all the elements

Silicone is a versatile material characterized by flexibility, resistance to water, extreme temperatures, and malleability. Such features are significant when wearing a ring during outdoor activities, sports, or adventures. Silicone rings have rubber-like properties meaning that they repel sweat and water and enhance grip and non-conduction. Silicone doesn’t conduct like a metal; therefore, silicone rings are safe against lighting or ice packs.

2. No scratches

Even if you scuff your silicone ring against mountain hile handle gears, dumbbells, or scraggy pitch, you won’t see a scratch. Silicone rings are non-porous, non-conductive, and temperature resistant. They are a hybrid of synthetic rubber and plastic polymer, which means they do not nick as metals do.

3. Durable

Silicone rings are very durable but not so rigid that they won’t give in when need be. Unlike a metal ring, a silicone ring will not hold your finger hostage in case you snug it on a rock during mountain hikes or climbing. Again, it is not difficult to break off in case of an emergency. Silicone rings are flexible. They are designed to break in case of an emergency or under a lot of pressure to protect your finger and remove the risks of degloving.

4. Silicone rings are light

If your wedding ring feels heavy all the time because of the metal used to make it, there is a way to solve that by switching to a silicone ring. Wearing your wedding ring is not supposed to be uncomfortable, and a heavy wedding ring can cause discomfort. A silicone ring is so light that you won’t realize you are wearing a ring.

5. You can wear it anywhere

There are so many occasions when you can wear a diamond, silver, or gold ring because it will get ruined or scratched. However, silicone rings are suitable as you can wear them anywhere. They are ideal for electricians, athletes, construction workers, firefighters, mechanics, military fighters, and generally anyone who works with their hands often.

6. You can’t lose it in the water

People have seen many cases where someone loses their metal wedding ring while swimming because the fingers became so slippery the ring slept off. With a silicone wedding ring, you are safe even when swimming as it can’t slip off your finger. When you don’t want to risk losing your diamond ring heirloom, it is best to choose a functional silicone ring.

7. Color choice

Silicone rings come in various colors, so you can choose any color you want or switch to a different color whenever you want.

The bottom line

Silicone rings are heat resistant and non-conductive; therefore, they don’t put you in any danger.


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