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Why Hiring Clothes Is Good for Creating A Fashion Statement?

The future of fashion is evolving. Almost every female wants to make a fashion statement. However, buying new clothing regularly isn’t always the most economical and sustainable option. With this, a new trend came along: hiring clothes.

Hiring clothes is the concept of mixing and matching clothing for great outfits, without having to purchase them. When you no longer like certain pieces of clothing, you can register on certain websites for you have them rented. In return, you can also decide to rent a clothing for yourself.

This article gives you reasons as to why hiring clothes is the new way to go for creating a fashion statement:

Creating A Fashion Statement

1. You’ll get to enjoy more closet space

If you take a good look around your closet right now, it might be cluttered up with pieces that you haven’t even worn in a year. Now’s the time for you to do that big closet purge and declutter.

Instead of just hanging your clothes in your closet collecting dust, now you can earn an income from these clothing pieces. Register on websites that offer clothing rental, so you can have them rented out. This added income can be equally divided for savings and for renting out other clothing pieces to help you make even better outfits for your daily fashion needs.

A trick of fashion stylists and experts for you to follow is to declutter your closet of any item that may only be a fad. Put these up for rent instead on sites like The Volte. Then fill your wardrobe with more classic and timeless pieces that you can use as a base for styling new looks from the clothing pieces that you have rented.

2. You can be more adventurous with your outfits

Making a fashion statement often means putting together new trends with older and more classic pieces. However, with the clothing racks at the department store always filled with new trends and fads, it can often be challenging to find more classic options.

When you hire or rent clothing, you have a wide variety of styles to choose from. Naturally, people have different clothing styles. Making a unique fashion statement through hiring clothes is better, rather than always buying new fads that often make you blend in with everybody else.

3. You can save up on those clothing costs

Does making a fashion statement equate with saving on clothing costs? Through the concept of hiring clothes, then, yes! Renting clothing is cheaper than having to buy brand new ones. Now you wouldn’t have to break the bank to look good.

Going for this option is like hitting two birds with one stone – you get to save more money for better investments and you’ll also have a little bit more extra to spend on creating a better, and newer, fashion statement.

Remember that looking good doesn’t always end on the pieces of clothing you wear. A lot also has to do with your overall look. If you’ve been skimping on your hair and nails to buy expensive outfits, transform your fashion game a little bit higher by looking great from head to toe.

4. You’ll have a higher chance of wearing a unique dress.

Trying to make a fashion statement for a formal party can be quite difficult because of the common styles of dress nowadays. When you buy new clothes, there’s a huge chance of bumping into someone at the party who has the same look as you. What a negative way to make a fashion statement!

Try renting or hiring a dress to avoid this fashion faux pas! When you do so, you have more options to choose from, most of which are timeless and classic pieces for you to have an exceedingly elegant and fashionable look.

5. You have a chance to score big-ticket designer items.

While it’s true that expensive clothing doesn’t always equate to better style, there are just some days when, as a woman, you would naturally love to get your hands on a designer item. But, the price is just too high making it impossible for you to afford. With hiring clothes, this fashion dream becomes a reality.

You never know what great finds you can score from clothing rental websites. From casual to high street brands, and even to designer items, there is a brand for your every desire. Who knows, you might get to wear that Marchesa on your next black tie affair.


Whether you’re dressing up to the nines for a special party, or even if it is just an ordinary day, there’s always a reason to look good and to dress well. While buying clothes all the time isn’t good for your pocket, and the environment, there is now the better option of hiring and renting out clothes.

Eager to start? All you’ve got left to do now is register with websites that offer the same!


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