Versatile Wardrobe Basics You Need

5 Versatile Wardrobe Basics You Need

Every woman needs a few basic wardrobe pieces they can wear for any occasion, fancy or laid-back. With the right accessories and accent pieces, people will never know you wore the same article of clothing twice. A little bit of creativity and personality will make you stand out amongst the crowd and become the fashion icon you’ve always dreamed of becoming. To get started, don these 5 versatile wardrobe basics at any event or gathering to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

1. A Plain White Tee

Plain White Tee

You can never go wrong with a plain white tee. A plain white tee, button-up blouse, or long sleeve shirt will never go out of style. Why? Because they match literally everything! Whether you’re attending the Met Gala or having a movie night with your gal-pals, you can dress any white top up or down. Here’s how you can turn up the fashion stakes any day of the week:

  • Tuck in your blouse with a black pencil skirt, jeweled necklace, and subtle lip gloss to serve looks at your next business meeting.
  • Throw on some shades and your daisy dukes for some beach time fun

2. It’s All About the Shoes

About the Shoes

The first thing people notice about you is your shoes. Make a lasting first impression with a pair of timeless shoes that go with any outfit. We get it, shoes are every girl’s weakness. We just can’t seem to buy enough of them! But, we all have those pairs we’ve only worn once and shoved in the back of the closet. Investing in a pair of versatile shoes will not only compliment your outfits but they will make decision-making easier on those days you’re in a rush to get out of the door. Ready to get started? Here are some shoes that should accompany you with every step you take:

  • Slide on sneakers: Not only are they comfortable, but you can also opt for printed patterns to make a bold statement or neutral tones for a more refined look.
  • White Sneakers: Like a plain white tee, white sneakers go a long way. Wear these with any outfit and you’re sure to impress everyone you walk by— as long as you don’t step in any mud!
  • Pumps: A pair of high heels will help you create a stylish signature look that will elevate you amongst the rest. You don’t need a pair of red bottoms to boost your confidence. Grab any pair of black pumps and you’ll turn every road into your own runway!

3. A Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

A timeless classic that never goes out of style. A little black dress holds true to its roots and is perfect for nights out on the town or a weekday luncheon with your coworkers. Stocking your wardrobe with a black dress or jumpsuit will give you a wide range of possibilities. Here’s why dresses are a closet essential for every fashionista:

  • Extremely comfortable and easy to wear
  • Dress down with a sunhat and sandals for weekend wine-tastings
  • Dress up with your black pumps or flats, bangles, and a cute blazer

4. The Timeless Jacket

The Timeless Jacket

We can’t stress jackets enough. Whether you opt for a full-blown parka for those cold winter months or a denim jacket that can accompany any outfit, fancy or not, a stylish jacket will elevate your sense of style tenfold. When it’s time to buy new clothes, take your time and try on different styles and colors. As for a jacket, sway towards a piece that doesn’t compromise comfort for looks. Here are some versatile jackets you should invest in now:

A leather or faux leather jacket

This can be worn to a night out at the clubs or for an edgier look when you get drinks with friends.

A denim jacket

This type of outer layer can upgrade any type of look, whether you wear it over your sundress, with your comfy turtleneck, or a tee shirt and leggings!

Faux fur jackets

Flaunt your fashion sense with a cozy faux fur jacket that adds some flair to your weekday get-up.

5. High Waisted Pants

High Waisted Pants

Last but not least, adaptable pants that can be dressed up and dressed down will seal the deal to a completed wardrobe. If you’re ready to dress to impress, invest in a pair of pants that you don’t feel trapped in that also flatter your body. High-waisted pants such as jeans and flare pants with a paper bag waist suit all body shapes and sizes! Here’s how you can spruce up your high waisted pants:

  • Create a French tuck paired with a fashionable belt for a casual look
  • Rock some heeled mules for a sleek, yet sophisticated look
  • Flaunt a pair of quirky earrings that bring out your personality

The Bottom Line

To become the next-best trendsetter, your closet needs to be stocked with these versatile basics that can be worn for multiple occasions. Investing in these wardrobe pieces will allow you to mix and match and have more outfits ready at your disposal!


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