Top Priority Destinations In UK

Why These Three Towns In The UK Should Be Your Top Priority Destinations

When planning your next getaway, why not consider Devon? Or spending the summer in Somerset. Maybe even extending your trip to Glastonbury and making the most out of Cornwall?

Discover three magical towns in England that you need to plan a trip to. Great for families, travelling solo or going on a romantic getaway, these three towns have everything to offer. ? ?

3 Towns In England That You Should Visit

1. Devon

Devon seaside views and coastland walks

Devon has long been a top spot for stunning seaside views and coastland walks. This popular destination in the UK is great around summer but also all year round. Offering over 450 miles of picturesque bays, quaint seaside villages, and historic sites; there’s something here for everyone.

When you venture further in to Devon, you will discover magical towns with a boho free-spirited vibe and markets to excite the senses. Surrounded by rolling hills and countryside views, you can get lost in nature and relaxing walks whilst coming across top heritage sights and historical areas. There are also plenty of choices for beautiful North Devon cottages to rent.

Here are a few more reasons to visit Devon this year:

  • Its stunning coastline – With plenty of pubs full of character along your way, you can walk the incredible coast of Devon and soak up the sun on the beaches.
  • Immerse yourself in luxury – There are some lovely boutique hotels in the southwest that deserve to be explored.
  • Great for couples – With plenty of hidden spots for lovers such as the Beachspoke Barn, you can discover the perfect romantic hideaway.

2. Cornwall

Cornwall beautiful beaches and chilled out vibes

Cornwall is another town to visit if you appreciate beautiful beaches and chilled out vibes. The perfect surfer’s paradise, you will see landscapes of sandy beaches and steep coves as you watch the waves crash on the shore. Not only that, but there’s no shortage of beaches with over 400 locations to set up your umbrella and deckchair.

Cornwall is also famous for its sub-tropical gardens and greenhouses such as The Eden project. You can fall in love with nature all over again whilst going to explore its history and heritage. With stone circles, the famous Poldark, museums and heritage sights, you will never get bored in Cornwall.

3. Somerset

UK hotspots is Somerset

Our final recommendation for UK hotspots is Somerset. Filled with undeniably stunning natural beauty, you can check out sights such as the Quantock Hills, valleys, Blackdown Mendip, gorgeous villages and much more. There are plenty of places to go on hikes, walks and even enjoy the scenery on horseback. Like the prior destinations, you also get to make the most of the beaches. With eight beaches, you are spoilt for choice when you want to go and unwind along the shore.


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