Bachelor Party in European Cities

3 Fantastic European Cities Perfect for a Bachelor Party

If you haven’t been to Europe before then a bachelor party is the perfect opportunity for a little overseas getaway. When you have a group of great friends looking for adventure, booze, and women any city can become a perfect bachelor city.

Europe has many lovely countries with fantastic cities. The options are practically endless because every town has something special it can offer. But for this list, we have selected the top three cities we find most suitable for a crazy and unforgettable bachelor party!

1. Bucharest

Bucharest for Bachelor PartyBucharest is slowly gaining the reputation of a fantastic city it actually is! In the last couple of decades, more and more people are drawn by Bucharest for it’s fantastic and ever-growing nightlife scene, cheap booze and yummy food. If you don’t have the time to look into every detail regarding Bucharest you can leave that to Bucharest Bachelor. A great adventure for a bachelor’s night is guaranteed.

So what’s so great about Bucharest? Well, for starters Bucharest has every quality of a Western metropolis but has kept that distinctive Slavic hospitality every tourist had the pleasure to experience. Romania was under a communist regime for a while, so don’t be surprised by gigantic brutalist architecture through the city. Also, don’t be surprised by the versatility of architectural influences and styles around the city.

As for the actual party, there are a lot of fun things you can do during the day. For instance, you can visit the famous Caru’ cu Bere a restaurant in the heart of the city which offers national and international mouth-watering dishes. Go for some other activities like paintball, karting, beer bikes and more.

As for the night life, you can choose from a variety of night clubs, striptease clubs, pubs, and bars. Bucharest is an ideal city for pub crawls since a pint of beer approximately cost ONE euro! How crazy is that? As for the entrance fees to clubs, you won’t have to worry, they are usually free!

2. Krakow

Krakow for Bachelor PartyMany refer to Krakow as the inexpensive version of Prague. Well, we all love Prague and think it’s fantastic, but Krakow has a distinctive atmosphere you can hardly describe by simply saying “it’s like Prague”. Krakow is one of the most Slavic cities you can go to. If you want to experience the Slavic hospitality, and actually see people in Adidas tracksuits strolling down the street you must visit this city!

We are joking a little with the whole Slav thing, but we all know how the internet loves it. On a serious note, Krakow has had a tragic history. It was one of the first cities to be occupied by the Nazis so you can only imagine the terror people of that time experienced. But luckily that has drastically changed. Polish people are heartwarming and very hospitable no matter their past!

You’ll be swept away by the fantastic cobblestone alleyways, medieval architecture and by the Kazimierz Jewish district. This is the only district that was untouched by the Nazis. It has all the authentic qualities and is full of cozy cafes, synagogues and antique bookshops.

As for the nightlife, you’ll be blown away. This city is also a perfect place for pub crawls because the bars are so close to one another you won’t be able to resist the temptation. A pint of beer is around two euros and the entrance fee to clubs are also usually free.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona for Bachelor PartyBarcelona is one of the most grandiose cities in the whole of Europe! It is a real metropolis where you will find tourists from all over the world sightseeing and being amazed by this beautiful city. Not only will you have nonstop access to all kinds of parties you’ll also be able to enjoy the beach and all of its wonders.

Barcelona is loved that it even has a song dedicated to it by Freddie Mercury if you haven’t listened to it definitely check it out. Barcelona is full of spectacular architecture, from grandiose fountains to unforgettable churches, you’ll be on your feet the whole time. We definitely recommend you check out some of Gaudi’s masterpieces while you’re there.

As for some other activities, you can go jet skiing, karting, chopper biking or go to a shooting site. Don’t forget to try out their local food and beware of waiters calling you from the street. Those restaurants usually serve overpriced food which will leave you dissatisfied. So before you choose a restaurant the best thing to do is consult good old Google.

As for the nightlife, you won’t be disappointed. Barcelona has a crazy nightlife. And no wonder a metropolis like that has to have one of the best parties. The alcohol in bars is quite expensive, but if you warm up with drinks from the liquor store (where prices are super affordable) a few shots of tequila will be enough to satisfy your needs.


All of these cities have something great that can offer you. From fantastic architecture, and a great atmosphere to mouth-watering food and cheap booze. Not to mention that every city on this list has easy access to literally any substance you might want to try out (you didn’t hear it here).

Also, apart from Barcelona, these cities are super affordable and offer a variety of great activities you can do during the day. From food tasting to paintball and karting you’ll be having fun you’re the whole trip! The most important thing to remember no matter what city you choose to celebrate your bachelor party is to have fun, not think too much and spend quality (drinking) time with your pals!


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