Date a Divorced Woman

If You Want to Date a Divorced Woman, This Is What You Need to Give Her

You’re head over heels for a woman you know. You feel electrified when she’s around and can’t stop thinking about it. The only problem is – she’s divorced.

Why is this a problem, you may ask yourself? Her previous relationship experience may make her wary about jumping into another romantic entanglement. She may be dealing with trust issues, low self-esteem, resentment, co-parenting with her ex, and a host of other new stressful circumstances in her life.

Don’t let a woman’s prior relationship history prevent you from having a thrilling, fulfilling romance with her. If you have patience, understanding, and compassion for what she’s going through, there is no reason why a romance can’t blossom between you.

Here are 7 divorce advice tips you’ll want to know before dating a divorced woman.

1. Take Her on a Proper Date

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like the feeling of being desired? Wooed? Spoiled? Probably not.

That is why taking her out regularly is so important. Having regular date nights with your new lady love can be of real benefit to your relationship.

Being taken out on a real date (not just takeout and a movie at home) is romantic and should be practiced even if you’ve been together for a long time. Research indicates that going out at least once a month is essential for a happy, healthy relationship.

Yes, couples who have a regular date night are:

  • Better at communicating
  • More sexually satisfied by one another
    Less likely to feel bored in the relationship
  • More passionate about each other
  • Less likely to end the relationship

2. Share a Fun Experience

When was the last time your sweetheart had a good day? Going through a divorce is, in short, a nightmare. It’s stressful, hurtful, and can sometimes make you feel like a failure.

If you’re pursuing a relationship with a woman who has gone through a divorce, you can be sure that having fun is going to be at the top of her list for a new partner.

One way you can show her that you care is by maintaining a great friendship with her and by making her laugh. Yes, studies show that couples who laugh together feel more satisfied and supported in their relationship. Not to mention, you’ll love hearing her laugh and making her smile.

3. Build Intimacy Together

A great piece of divorce advice is to take a marriage course online. You may not be ready for marriage just yet, but these courses can help you understand the needs of your girlfriend. You will learn different communication strategies, how to work as a team, and about the importance of building both emotional and physical intimacy together.

Intimate activities are often associated with oxytocin, a hormone commonly associated with stress relief and bonding between partners. But did you know that sex isn’t the only form of intimacy that can release this cuddle hormone?

Studies show that other forms of physical affection, such as holding hands, kissing on the lips or face, giving massages, and caressing one another are all strongly related to partner satisfaction.

4. Be Respectful

When people feel respected, they flourish. By showing your girlfriend deep respect for her thoughts, opinions, and space, you show her that she is safe with you. Here are some simple ways you can be respectful in your relationship:

  • Giving her space
  • Not crossing emotional or sexual boundaries until she is ready
  • Respecting her opinions, even when you disagree
  • Being kind and compassionate to her
  • Coming to her before making important decisions that affect both of you
  • Being honest
  • Not revealing her secrets to other people
  • Not talking badly about her to others
  • Listening to her without interruption
  • Using basic manners such as saying “Please” and “Thank you”
  • Being chivalrous; opening doors and treating her like a treasure

5. Genuine Interest in Her

One of the biggest pieces of divorce advice you should know is that taking an interest in her must be genuine.

For the most part, people can tell when others are being insincere. So when you ask her a question about herself or want to know her opinion, make sure you’re asking out of genuine curiosity, not just to be nice.

Odds are a lack of attention or interest in her life were some of the contributing factors to her marriage ending, so being in a relationship with someone new who values her opinions will mean the world to her. Take a loving and genuine interest in her hobbies, thoughts, favorite books, shows, music, and children. This will show her that you really care.

6. Excellent Communication Skills

In a survey of 886 separating couples, 53 percent cited a lack of communication as one of the biggest reasons they were getting divorced.

This survey highlights the importance of being able to speak openly and honestly with a partner.

Communication is essential for a lasting relationship. 

Couples must be able to communicate about their goals, concerns, happiness, and the list goes on. Not only is it healthy for couples to be able to talk to one another, but many benefits come from opening up to your spouse.

Research shows that communication is positively correlated with increased orgasm frequency in women and greater relationship satisfaction for both partners.

7. Above All Else – Show Her Love

Ask anyone their best piece of divorce advice about dating a newly separated woman and they will tell you to make her feel loved.

Love and affection are both things she may have been greatly lacking in her marriage. This lack of emotional and physical intimacy may have left her feeling vulnerable, unappreciated, self-conscious, and worthless. The more you build her up with genuine warms and love, the safer, happier, and more appreciative she will be to have you in her life.

Is dating a divorced woman worth it?

The answer is definitely YES! The experience she has gained from her former relationship will make her a compassionate, strong, loving partner to have. By following our divorce advice about what she needs to be happy, you’ll be on your way to a satisfying relationship.


Sylvia Smith is a writer who likes to write about relationships and how couples can revitalize their love lives in and out of the bedroom. She is currently associated with She is a big believer in living consciously and encourages couples to adopt its principles in their relationships. By taking purposeful and intentional action, Sylvia feels any relationship or marriage can be transformed and truly enjoyed.