Mommy-and-Me Maternity Photo Ideas

3 Mommy-and-Me Maternity Photo Ideas

Are you getting ready to have another baby? Congratulations! Having a baby is such a joyous time in your life, and it’s even better when you get to share it with your little girl, who’s probably just as excited as you are for her little sister to arrive.

If you’re planning on taking maternity photos, check out these fun and completely adorable mommy-and-me maternity photo ideas that put your bump and your favorite little lady front and center!

1. Matching Mommy-and-Me Outfits

Matching Mommy-and-Me Outfits

Is there anything cuter than matching your mini-me? We think not! Matching dresses, whether they’re the same dress or just the same color, make for an adorable maternity photo session. If you’re doing the latter, we suggest browsing through all the pretty girls’ dresses out there (it’s going to be hard choosing just one!), getting one for your little girl, and then finding a matching dress for you. You can even go all matchy-matchy with your accessories and have both of you wearing flower crowns.

2. All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck

Capturing the moments of your older child interacting with her soon-to-be little sister makes for the sweetest photos. Whether it’s your daughter putting her hands on your belly or giving it a hug or kiss, the big sister-to-be and your baby bump get their shining moment in this lovable maternity photo idea.

3. Playful Photo Ops

Playful Photo Ops

If there’s one tip we can give you if your daughter is younger, it’s to play with her during the photoshoot. Pint-sized models don’t have a lot of patience for pictures, but if you make it fun and playful, then your photographer is sure to capture a few winning shots. Dance, sing, and be silly with your little girl. If you’re having fun, you won’t be thinking about the camera, and the in-the-moment photos will capture the pure sweetness and joy between the two of you. You’ll also want to make sure your setting and outfit choices allow for some good-natured fun.

Finding the right maternity photo outfits and poses will depend on the age and stage of your older child. But whatever you decide, and whatever your little mother hen lets happen (we know some little girls can be stubborn), we’re sure your mommy-and-me maternity pictures will turn out beautifully perfect!


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