Revealing too much personal information
Revealing too much personal information

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Dating in Australia

Dating is a complex process that not all people excel at. In fact, most individuals cope with difficulties when trying to find an ideal partner and commence a new relationship. Some of them rush into commitment, becoming overly obsessed with their partners, while others are too egocentric to pay their undivided attention to the other half.

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that dating can be a painstaking process, requiring plenty of patience to yield successful results. Anyhow, due to a lack of patience, people end up making terrible dating mistakes that impede them from finding the right partner.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Dating


1. Rushing into commitment

Mistakes to Avoid When Dating

Perhaps the greatest mistake that people foolishly make when dating a new person is rushing into commitment, thus taking the risk of getting deeply hurt. People who lack the experience of being in long-term relationships tend to commit too quickly, fearing that love might not knock on their doors one more time.

Nevertheless, every relationship is supposed to take its natural course in order to be successful. Therefore, avoid thinking of every date as a future life partner, as you will probably end up disappointed. Instead of forcing things, try being spontaneous by enjoying each rendezvous without any future expectation. Click here to check out some of the most common signs of rushing in a relationship.

2. Revealing too much personal information

Becoming obsessed

Although honesty is of great importance when dating someone, laying all your cards on the table since day one isn’t exactly convenient. Until you have gained enough trust in your partner, you are advised against sharing personal information related to your family, ex-partners, and finances. Early termination of the relationship might result in a terrible outcome, as this person might use your personal information against you.

Moreover, it’s important to reveal things continuously as long as your date is comfortable with sharing personal data about his/her life as well. However, bear in mind that withholding information might be as damaging to your relationship as revealing too many secrets. When being at the onset of a relationship, make sure you refrain from concealing secrets; as such a habit is likely to worsen over time.

3. Becoming obsessed

Bragging too much

Another terrible mistake that people tend to make after first dates is obsessing over the other person, thus not being able to get your mind off their date. Instead of desperately counting the minutes until he/she calls you or texts you back, don’t let this new person obstruct your everyday life.

In case your date fails to keep in touch with you on a regular basis, it’s high time to question your feeling towards him/her. Bear in mind that there is nothing wrong with experiencing a lack of follow-up or rejection, as these are extremely common in the dating world. Obsessing over a person that you’ve met a couple of times is worthless, considering the myriad of potential dates waiting for you to meet. The following link,, includes some useful dating tips that you can employ in order not to get hurt.

4. Bragging too much

Being too clingy or too unfeeling

Bragging is definitely not an attractive quality, which shouldn’t be practiced on first dates. Boasting about your amazing beach house, high income, or the luxurious car won’t make you better in the eyes of the other person, particularly if he/she isn’t interested in material goods.

Furthermore, bragging about your skills is unacceptable as well. When discussing your job position, avoid belittling the skills of your colleagues, as you’ll come across as an arrogant person. Instead, find a way to balance the conversation by allowing your date to share some of its own experiences. In case your date isn’t exactly communicative, employ your loquacious skills for creating open-ended questions that he/she will be comfortable answering,

5. Being too clingy or too unfeeling

Revealing too much personal information

Being excessively affectionate might be highly unfavourable in new relationships, as people are generally not fond of clingy behaviour. Showering your partner with compliments and fondness isn’t a bad habit as long as it’s not excessive. Clingy behaviour tends to have an opposite effect, as it’s likely to drive the other person away.

On the other hand, being unfeeling can be equally damaging to your new relationship. Investing no time and emotional intimacy into the relationship will make your partner feel underestimated. Therefore, both partners need to listen to each other’s worries, be concerned about their wellbeing, and express their emotions. You are supposed to find a balance between clingy and unfeeling behaviour in order for the relationship to work. Bear in mind that physical attraction is fading, but emotional intimacy is the pillar of relationships.

Wrap up

The above-mentioned dating mistakes might help you improve your rendezvous experience.

Bear in mind that premature relationships aren’t always the best solution!


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