corporate women makeup
corporate women makeup

4 Exclusive Makeup Secrets for Corporate Women

Being a businesswoman comes with a huge range of challenges, including balancing a family or personal life with many professional obligations. At the same time, any woman in the corporate world is expected to keep up a certain level of appearance, especially if she is determined to project a successful and capable personality. In this regard, makeup is one of the primary domain and the thing that makes a difference between a woman that blends into the crowd and one that stands out and is noticed. Here are the exclusive secrets for applying makeup that will allow any corporate woman to look utterly flawless and all this in a short amount of time.

1. The Five Minute Face

When running short of time, a corporate woman should always find some room to give herself a lactic, acid-based scrub. These will allow skin to remain luminous throughout the day, especially when it is combined with a primer that includes a bit of a moisturizer. The same will be able to minimize the appearance of pores and the need to use foundation for the purpose of covering anything that a woman might dislike on her skin. Instead, the foundation should be added where and how it is needed, for example, cream for a smooth type of skin or powder for problematic ones. Then the lashes should be curled and a bit of color added to the cheeks. Mascara should be applied to the top lash line, while the lower one should get a bit of it, along with some liner in the dark brown tone. Finally, the definition to the five-minute makeup would be achieved with a small amount of matte brown shadow, along with a vivid color of choice in the form of lip butter. This is all that it takes for this five-minute face.

2. Day to Night Beauty

A lot of times, a woman working in a corporate environment might want to go out after work and socialize a bit. With the right makeup tools, it is not hard to go straight from a workplace to a nice dinner. The main elements for this to happen are a bit of lipstick in some stronger color and a touch of powder which should make the face seem vibrant and fresh.

3. Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade

Finding the best lipstick shade and using it in the right way is often challenging for a lot of corporate women. It is good to know that berry tones usually work on practically anyone because they possess both brown and blue elements inside of them. Additionally, there is a shade of red that is almost ideal for everyone. For a ruddy skin, brick red is the best. To apply a lipstick correctly, the lips should not be chapped or dried. In the case they are, a light exfoliating process using a hot damp towel should be done first, after which a lip balm should be applied.

4. Spring Makeup Trend to Try

Spring fashion trends are mostly about a burst of color. To follow the same trend when it comes to makeup, a corporate woman should try out a bronzer that is shimmer-free along with a bit of pop of the peach color on the cheeks. At the same time, a bit of green-hued eyes makeup and nails in sheer aqua tone should complement them exquisitely.

With these tips for great makeup, any corporate woman will be completely up to the task of looking spectacular.


I’m Pauline Youngblood, founder, and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. We offer high-quality minerals cosmetics that enable you to show-off a fresh and vitalized look. We help to give the desired makeup effects and keep the skin health and revitalized with Natural Creme Powder Makeup Foundation.