Nail Fashion Trends

4 Personal Expression and Nail Fashion Trends

Not so long ago, nails were usually covered in one shade of polish that generally matched a woman’s lipstick. Deeper reds were usually reserved for a more mature woman, and pretty pinks were the popular choice for the younger crowd. Fortunately, those days are gone and manicures do so much more than add a certain sense of completion to a look. The latest beauty trends in nail fashion are taking women to new previously unimagined heights, and what is on their fingernails is starting to get as much attention as any other part of their ensemble. The current and upcoming fashion season for fingernails has very distinctive characteristics, and they can be seen on every star out there, whether she shines brightly in the public eye, or in her own close social circle.
Nail Fashion Trends

1. Colors

The colors women are sporting on their nails goes from one extreme to another. The darker nail colors include rich burgundies, deep navies, and mysterious shimmering metallic. At the other extreme, winter whites, a range of muted pastels, and soft delicate metallic of the palest gold and other shades are putting in frequent appearances. Michelle Obama’s nails, painted in a soft blue-gray, recently garnered attention and praise.

2. Nail Shapes

Almost any nail shape is acceptable today, but round shapes are probably the least popular. Unfortunately, this is the shape that stands up to wear and tear if nails have a tendency to split, chip, or crack. Perhaps the best word of advice would be to keep in mind that fashions should cater to the individual and not the other way around. If the round shape is best for her, a woman should go for it.

Shapes that are being sported more often include the square tip, which is a great look with a French manicure, but can be a little trickier to protect with acrylic nails. The square with the rounded tip combines the two styles, and offers a little more durability that is still stylish. The almond shape has a slimming effect for those who need that illusion. Some celebrities are forging a path with sharply pointed nails, sometimes referred to as stilettos, like those often seen on Rihanna.

3. French Manicure Variations

The standard French manicure is still popular, but it has been kicked up a notch with some interesting modifications. Women are no longer restricted to clear or slightly tinted nail beds with white tips. Any combination base and tip color is acceptable. Tips can even be accented with a contrasting color lace, foil, or anything the heart desires. A reverse French manicure that leaves the moon of the nail as the contrasting point, instead of the tip is another option.

4. Creativity

The only thing that holds back the creative ways to decorate nails in recent times is a lack of imagination. Many of the Olympic athletes popularized patriotic art for the nails. Other nails are sporting stripes, polka dots, glitter, letters, and pictures, as well as 3D accents that pop and make a personal style statement.  Many celebrities have flourished with this creative nail art craze, including Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry.

Perhaps the best way to sum up the nail trends for the upcoming season is variety. Nails looks can be elegant and dramatic, soft and romantic, sharp and edgy, or funky and fun.


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