Sharon Osbourne Watch

Celebrity Watch Collections: Who’s Got The Best

What timepieces are preferred by the rich and famous is a common debate.  Of course it’s only possible to judge based on information in the public domain.  However one thing is for certain, knowing they will be on the front cover of newspapers and magazines, celebrities choose their image carefully and often have a team of stylists to help put together the overall look.  Therefore their timepiece will be synonymous of who they are and the image they want to portray.

A few years ago around 2008, a Frank Muller timepiece was being worn by everyone.  This included Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne, P. Diddy, Elton John, Robin Williams and Demi Moor.

Sharon Osbourne Watch

However more recently, celebrities have been leaning towards a Panerai or Breitling timepiece. Orlando Bloom, Sylvester Stallone (a huge watch collector) and Arnold Schwarzenegger are also Panerai fans.

Key players in the world of hip-hop and pop music love to show off their status and wealth by overtly displaying their timepiece for all to see.  The bigger and flashier the better. Nick Lachey (Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband) wears a Breitling watch on his wrist. Britney Spears bought her now ex-husband Kevin Federlein (K-Fed) Breitling, a Dubey & Shaldenbrand, a Grand Chrono and a Roger Dubuis Golden Square.

Judging by the sheer number of timepieces in his collection, K-Fed himself is currently winning the celebrity ‘best watch collection.’

Kevin Fed Watch

Let’s look at the watch brands favoured by female celebrities.  Sarah Jessica Parker wears a Piaget cocktail watch, Gerry Halliwell a Cartier Baignoire, Liz Hurley a Men’s Gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

The real ‘fashionistas’ should really demonstrate the best watch collections.  “Carrie” (Sex and the City) wore a Bvlgari Gold Tubogas, Anna Wintour (US Vogue Editor) wears an Hermes Stainless Steel Cape Cod and sometimes an older Cartier while supermodel Elle MacPherson wears a Rolex Datona, (but also has a white gold Cartier Tank Americaine bracelet watch for the evening.)

Of course, one entire category of people who have access to unlimited wealth and should undoubtedly lead the way for the best timepiece collection, are the Royals.

Princess Marie Chantal wears a white Gold Cartier Tank Americaine, Princess Mary of Denmark a White Gold Cartier Tank Americaine with diamonds and a lilac crocodile strap and Princess Diana wavered between a Cartier Tank yellow gold with full bracelet, and a square faced Bvlgari  (cilka) in two-tone and tubogas bracelet.

It’s impossible to award one timepiece collection as the ‘best’ as they are all opulent and luxurious in their own right.  However a Cartier is preferred by those who occupy a more ‘elite’ position in society, the Royals, US Vogue magazine editor.  Therefore perhaps the presence of a ‘Cartier’ in a watch collection sets it apart from others.


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