Pretty Hair at Any age

How to get Pretty Hair at any Age?

Pretty Hair at Any age

Healthy hair is a desire of every women and charm for every man! Whatever be the age, hair play an important role in adding lustre to your personality. Healthy hairs thus, are the most desirous wish women could ask for. Silky, strong and soft tresses are not a hard wish only if you know the proper way to take care of your mane. In the following article some hair care tips especially considering age related changes in the texture of hair.

Length does not define the beauty but texture, conditioning, shine and strength are the key traits used to define or elaborate health and beauty of one’s hair. All these are genetically controlled and also get affected by the aging process of the body. But lest all, an individual’s diet and general hair care habits or techniques also affect the overall health of his natural crown, his/her hair.

How hair changes with age?

As a person ages, visible changes in the texture and health of his skin and hair start becoming evident. In case of hair, aging shows as loss of lustre, thinning of hair, increased hair fall and reduced growth rate; apart from greying and whitening of the hair. All such changes occur as the body’s repair and regeneration system slows down with age. The changes are a part of body’s normal aging process and nothing like a disease or abnormality. Therefore, once you notice such changes, need not worry but yes you can take steps to reduce intensity of such signs.

How hair changes

While it is humanly impossible to defy aging of the body; one can work to firstly delay the onset and next to retard the process once started. Both of this can be achieved by keeping ones metabolism and nutrition intake under control and within healthy brackets. Change is a part of life, and body’s requirements change with passing years. So, one should remain conscious to change his/her diet and lifestyle as per the body’s need. Understand your body and work accordingly to keep it healthy and fit for longer. Same advice applies for your skin and hair as well, as they are no separate but parts of your body only.

Simple changes can bring about big differences!

When hair is concerned changes in twothings can bring about a significant difference in the health of your hair viz. diet, lifestyle (including hair care habits).

Dietary modulations for lustrous and string hair:

  • Hair is nothing but proteins and amino acids so ensure a good supply of these two in your daily diet.  While vegetarians can rely on dark green vegetables, beans and lentils for this; non-vegetarians can include salmon, fish and lean beef in their diet to have adequate dose of proteins. String Hair
  • Dry fruits or dry nuts like cashews, raisins, almonds, pistachios, hazel nuts and even peanuts and apricots are a good source of minerals like selenium which help keep your scalp healthy.
  • For good dose of vitamins and zinc, egg, poultry and whole grains are a solution. Carrots are especially rich in vitamin A and thus prove good for both skin and hair. Skin and Hair Fruits
  • Anti-oxidants are anti-aging worker molecules in the body. Their apt amount in the diet is necessary rather it can be said that there need increases with age. Anti-oxidant rich food include green veggies especially tomatoes for vegetarians and oysters for non-vegetarians. Green teas are also rich in AO and at least one cup a day would suffice.
  • Avoid fatty food as sluggishness can affect your hair and skin, this is true especially for elder groups.
  • Last of all, drink plenty of water to keep your scalp and hair hydrated since dry hair are more prone to damage.

From kitchen to bathroom

Just lathering your scalp with shampoo and rinsing it off is not enough care for your hair. It might have worked in your younger days but with age, you need to change your hair care habits to compliment the needs of changing hair.

  • Massaging with oil is essential, at least twice a week. Massaging with warm oil helps better penetration of the oil, better circulation of blood in scalp and opening of pores for promoting growth. If this is not possible, just wrap your hair with hot towel for 15 minutes after oiling. It has similar effects. Choice of oil can be any from plain coconut, olive, almond, gooseberry or any other to a mixture of one or more. Massaging Hair
  • Choice of oil also is based on the specific purpose or condition of your hair. Each type of oil has somewhat different purpose and you can take advice from your dermatologist regarding the same.
  • Use mild shampoo and try to stay away from chemical based products as far as possible. They can be harsh for your hair. This is true especially for older people, as their hair have now become more sensitive and brittle with age.
  • Appropriate conditioning is essential; use ready made products or home-made preparations from curd, henna, vinegar etc. for the same. Again, try and use least amount of chemicals on your scalp.
  • If, you know you have thin and weak hair, prefer to keep them short as longer hairs are prone to tangling and breakage. And always remember to be gentle while brushing your hair.Weak hair

Mould your habits

  • Keep active and include exercise in your daily routine. This helps boost circulation and metabolism thus promoting growth and strength of hair. With age, this becomes even more essential.
  • Have a stress free life. Your tension and stress show on your hair and skin. Use techniques like meditation or yoga to relax your mind and body.Hair Meditation

This is an essential advice in order to slower the effect of aging on hair.

  • Avoid excessive use of hair dryers, hair dyes or bleaching agents on your hair. Aging or no aging, these chemical based products prove harmful for your scalp and thus weakening hair follicles.Hair Dryers

With the above tips and suggestions can help you have pretty hair at any age.


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