Gift Ideas for Wife

4 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Girlfriends

Gift Ideas for WifeAlright, boys, you can admit it. Shopping for your wife or girlfriend can be hard. OR what if you are good at buying gifts but you need some inspiration for something else besides the standard flowers and gift card bit. When shopping for women the gift should reflect thought and attention to details in their personality. But let’s be honest, that can be hard to find especially when all you can do is stress out about whether or not she’ll like the gift at all. Let us make it a little easier for you! Here are some fun gift ideas she’s bound to love: (for all types of personalities!)

1. For the Girl on the Go: A Designer Luggage Tag

The sophisticated urban girl is always on the go, whether it be to Starbucks for her morning skinny macchiato or for her business trip to be big apple. You’ve probably noticed that she’s virtually living out of her suitcase. The reason why a designer Luggage tag is such a great gift for this girl is because she’ll think of you every time she’s on the road when she sees the tag, it will add a personal touch to her otherwise cookie-cutter luggage set, and ensure it doesn’t get lost on the way.

2. For the Home Body: Extra Cute Oven Mitts

This gal probably knows how to cook and takes great joy in perfectly layered lasagna. But, cooking doesn’t just have to be about utility; it can also be about making a style statement with something as simple as an oven mitt. Designer oven mitts with cute patterns show you have a sense of her personality when you find the pattern that’s perfectly her. Plus, she might even make you a delicious dinner with the oven mitts you gave her. (OK, probably not but a guy can hope, right?)

3. For The Fashionista:

This girl has all the designer labels, wears stilettos come hell or high-water, and knows the current trends in tops, pants, shoes, dresses, nail polish color, hair length, purses… you name it! Surprise her with something a little different: a designer apron. Vintage fashions are very ‘in’ right now, and what could be better or more unique than an apron that’s stylish and will work to keep any stray cooking ingredients away from that brand new and very expensive tank top? Designer aprons show off the personal style of whoever wears them with different patterns, styles, necklines, and more.

4. For the Sporty Girl:

Whether your girl loves the waves, the courts, the track or the gym she will surely be in need of some kind of bag to carry all of her work-out gear. Let’s face it, that old bag of hers? Has been through just as much as she has; after being tossed into a locker a few times it is bound to earn some battle marks. This gift giving opportunity is the perfect time to retire the old tote and give her something that is stylish that she’ll also need and will follow function. Designer tote bags come in a variety of patterns and colors, ensuring there will be a fit for your fit girl’s style no matter what it may be.

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