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Going Abroad to Buy Jewellery!!!

Buy JewelleryWhen you go on holiday often buying jewellery is one of the last things on your mind, but how about going on holiday just for the purpose of buying jewellery? Although it may seem daft you can actually get some extremely unique pieces in other parts of the world, and can get a lovely relaxing holiday at the same time! Depending upon where you visit you can get many different kinds of jewellery, so there’s bound to be a style that you fall in love with when you’re abroad. You can buy anything from diamond necklaces to bracelets made of string, so if you feel like at home there’s never any jewellery that you like then going abroad might be the perfect option for you. Deciding upon which places to go could be difficult, but luckily you can follow this simple list of styles of jewellery that you can get in different countries to make your choice a lot easier!

Vintage and Antique Jewellery

Buying antique jewellery can be difficult anywhere, as you never really know how genuine it is. However, if you’re after timeless pieces such as diamond necklaces, sapphire rings and gold bracelets you need look no further than the stylish boutiques of Paris. Although buying jewellery here may be more expensive than at home you’re sure to get some stunning couture pieces that you’d rarely find elsewhere, making the trip to France even more worthwhile. Plus, whilst you’re there you can spend the rest of your time visiting cute cafes and fashionable restaurants, and of course see the Eiffel Tower! Visiting other stylish cities such as Milan or Prague is also a great way to pick up some fabulous vintage jewellery. Spending time looking around antique and vintage shops in the cities is not only a great way to explore a place but is also a way to find yourself some fantastic pieces such as antique diamond jewellery and vintage Rolex watches.

Celtic Jewellery

If you’re more of a Celtic jewellery type person, for example designs such as the Celtic knot, then visiting another country may be your best bet of finding some genuine, high-quality jewellery. For example, visiting Ireland or Scotland would give you a great chance to visit some silversmiths or jewellery makers to find yourself some perfect Celtic jewellery. If you have a design in mind that you already want you can visit these places and get it made for you, leaving you with a finished product unlike any other and made especially for you! Visiting places such as home-made craft fairs or going to markets is also a fantastic idea, as there’s often a number of different crafters there displaying their designs so you can find a design that you truly love. With Celtic jewellery there is often a story or meaning behind the design, and so buying this style of jewellery directly from a crafter allows you to hear the story first-hand, giving it a much more personal and genuine feel.

Bohemian Jewellery

Bohemian, hippy-style jewellery can be bought almost anywhere nowadays since it made a huge comeback over recent years, however buying it from a different country makes it seem a bit more special. For example, countries such as Turkey or Greece have many crafters who sell bohemian style jewellery such as jewellery made of various coloured beads, string, rope and jewels. Visiting street sellers and stalls at markets is your best bet for finding this style of jewellery at a relatively cheap price. You can also buy many leather goods directly from crafters which you can’t find in stores, and they are normally of very high-quality as the sellers take a lot of pride in their work.

Remember, if you’re buying precious metals or jewels abroad be careful who you buy them from. When buying diamonds the seller should be able to provide a certificate to show it’s grading, and be aware of looking for hallmarks on jewellery made of metals such as gold and silver to prove their authenticity. If you aren’t sure about a deal or it seems too good to be true then think very carefully about spending your money, buying jewellery abroad makes it a lot more difficult to return your items afterwards!

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