Blue Duck Tavern in Washington D.C

5 Best American Restaurants for Star Spotting

You have probably been dreaming of dining with the sultry Scarlett Johansson but you have no idea on how you can do so. You may also have been dying of sharing a steak with Bradley Cooper ever since you saw “The Hangover” for the first time but again you have no idea on how you can make your dream come true. Well, now you can because the following American restaurants can make it possible since they play host to most of today’s hottest celebrities.

1. Blue Duck Tavern in Washington D.C:

Blue Duck Tavern in Washington D.CThe Blue Duck Tavern earns critical accolades on a continuous basis year after year for the farm-to-table American cuisine that it offers. It prepares this cuisine by using time-honoured techniques that honour the culinary history of this nation. Big name politicos and celebrities as well as foodies love it. According to Renee Sharrow, who is Part Hyatt’s Marketing Communications Manager, this restaurant welcomed Condoleezza Rice, Richard Gere, and Bruce Springsteen while they were waiting for the president, Barack Obama to join them sometime back. The secret to the success of the restaurant with famous diners is the comfort that it provides. You should therefore make an effort to dine in this restaurant so that you can spot your favourite mega stars.

2. BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood, California:

BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood, CaliforniaIf celebrities consider Los Angeles their land, then they could very well consider this restaurant its capital city. This Balboa Restaurant and Lounge, also known as meat mecca, serves up superb steaks and super fresh seafood. Its fans include Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Scarlett Johansson, Jaime Pressly, Sharon Stone, Audrina Patridge, Kate Beckinsale, and Sheryl Crow. This hotspot credits its popularity among the fabulous and the rich to the fact that stars are attracted to a “quality restaurant that does not take undue advantage of them, keeps things confidential, and understands their different needs.” Lee Maen, who is a Partner of the Innovative Dining Group, says that this restaurant offers all people who dine there the same kind of hospitality regardless of whether you are a regular, a doctor, or celebrity.

3. Cantinori in New York:

Cantinori in New YorkThis neighbourhood favourite is nestled on an extremely sleepy street in the Greenwich Village of Manhattan. It features classic Tuscan cuisine that it serves with a smile in a very decidedly cozy setting. The Beckhams together with their three sons, co-stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston, Robert Pattinson, muse Veronica Webb and designer Isaac Mizrahi, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are some of the stars that are attracted to its romantic lighting and perfect pastas.

4. Japonais, Chicago in Illinois:

Japonais, Chicago in IllinoisJaponais is a super-stylish Japanese restaurant that might as well be located in Los Angeles with many celebrities dining here whenever they are visiting the Windy City. LFB MEDIA GROUP’s Ashley Berg reveals that celebrities come into this restaurant and sit where you can see and photograph them if they are promoting their projects. However, when they do not want you to see them, they visit at a time and request for private lounges where they can enjoy their favourite meals as they relax in an intimate environment. This restaurant has accommodated many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, James Woods, Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes, Samantha Ronson, Charlize Theron, Nicolas Cage, Hugh Hefner and Goldie Hawn.

5. Katsuya, Los Angeles in California:

Katsuya, Los Angeles in CaliforniaYou should not be surprised by the fact that the sexy sushi restaurant that Phillipe Starck designed is popular with celebrities who are conscious about their health. The menu of Katsuya draws stars such as Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore, Jay-Z, Bruce Willis with Emma Hemming, who is his current wife, Janet Jackson, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker, and Nicole Scherzinger.

The aforementioned American restaurants will enable you to spot your favourite stars.


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