Decade of Marriage

The Gifts Through Decades of Togetherness – Of Anniversaries & Milestones

If you have a special decade anniversary coming up, why not choose something traditional and everlasting for your beloved. Here are some ideas for the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th wedding anniversary.Decade of Marriage

Celebrating a Decade of Marriage

If you’re celebrating 10 years of marriage, tin is the metal of tradition. Consider gifts such as:

  • Martini shakers that shake things up for the next decade of marriage
  • Tin jewellery in funky styles for your beloved spouse from Sydney’s finest antique jewellery dealers
  • Tin cufflinks for the debonair husband
  • A tin of popcorn in assorted flavours
  • A tin of delightfully sinful chocolates
  • A jewellery tin with a little anniversary surprise inside
  • A gift bucket filled with your partner’s favourite things like snacks, books and dvds
  • Tin foil to wrap your gift in

Aluminium is also is another traditional material for the tenth wedding anniversary. Think items such as:

  • Aluminium briefcase
  • Whipped cream dispenser
  • Bicycle
  • iPod
  • Cookware
  • Fishing rod
  • Appliances
  • Grilling tools

Diamonds are always a welcome anniversary gift and diamond jewellery for a tenth anniversary is sure to be well received.

Celebrating Two Decades of Marriage

The twentieth year of marriage is a massive milestone. It’s time to reflect on a lifetime of marriage you’ve made together. To celebrate the big occasion, have a look at these ideas and symbols.

  • China symbolises elegance, beauty and the delicateness of your love for each other.
  • Platinum is enduring and strong, just like your two decades of marriage. A piece pf platinum jewellery is sure to be well-loved. Add to it a traditional 20th anniversary gemstone such as a white or green emerald or golden or yellow diamond.
  • The traditional flower for this milestone is the day lily – its meaning is of flirting, coquetry and playful behaviour towards each other.

Celebrating Three Decades of Marriage

Once you reach 30 years of marriage chances are your love is still burning brightly. The kids will have grown up and left the nest and it’s a possibility that you’re now grandparents. You’ve shared an abundance of memories together, all of which are priceless. Show your spouse you are still crazy in love with them by incorporating these symbolic anniversary gifts for your celebration.

  • 30th anniversary traditional gem: the pearl
  • 30th anniversary modern anniversary stone: diamond
  • 30th anniversary flower: the lily

The traditional pearl for this anniversary can be given in the form of cuff links, necklace and earrings or even a religious rosary. Pearls are a sensitive gem so that must be taken care of every few years and avoid irritating them with the likes of makeup and perfume.

As for the modern diamond, the ideas are endless – bracelets, earrings, necklaces, cuff links, diamond-encrusted watches and other keepsakes. Diamonds are hardy, durable stones and won’t require meticulous care, just regular cleaning and polishing. So this could be the perfect token for your betrothed. You can find great gift ideas from Sydney’s finest antique jewellery dealers.

Celebrating Four Decades of Marriage

The ruby anniversary is very special. Spending 40 years married is certainly a reason to celebrate. Here are a few 40th wedding anniversary traditional ideas and symbols that will help you pick meaningful and personal gifts for your spouse.

  • The traditional gem is the ruby
  • The modern 40th anniversary gift is also the ruby
  • 40th anniversary gemstone is the ruby again.
  • 40th anniversary flower: the Nasturtium

Rubies work so well for the 40th wedding anniversary as they are said to possess an eternal inner flame – the symbol, no doubt, for the passion in a marriage and at 40 years, that passion is certain to be alive and strong. Why not choose a ruby red outfit and a beautiful piece of ruby jewellery from Sydney’s finest antique jewellery dealers for this special celebration.

Celebrating Five Decades of Marriage

By far the golden or fiftieth wedding anniversary is one of the most celebrated of anniversaries. And so it should be! Spending as long as half a century with the one you love is a marvellous statement about the strength and gift of marriage. Here are a couple of 50th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols that can help you when choosing a gift for your golden anniversary.

  • The traditional gift is gold
  • The modern or contemporary gift is also gold
  • The traditional gemstone is imperial or golden topaz or gold.

Gold is often associated with wealth and optimism. The metal is strong and beautiful as well as resistant to corrosion. You’ll find beautiful pieces of gold jewellery at Sydney’s finest antique jewellery dealers. Choose a bunch of 50th anniversary traditional violets to present with your gift.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking for a traditional decade anniversary gift for your other half or a gift to take to anniversary celebrations, choosing something traditional yet personal and meaningful is bound to be well-received and treasured for another blissful decade of marriage.

The Decades of Celebrating Marriages


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