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6 Essential Beauty Gadgets To Get Beautiful Skin

Today we are living in the generation of gadget, and it is fitting that in the beauty isles there are several now at-home devices for almost all skin concerns such as sonic face brushes, micronutrient powered massagers, and hand-held laser beams devices to smooth the fine lines. Almost all the beauty gadgets use the technology that is similar to the one used at the spa or dermatologist’s clinic. If you are looking for flawless skin and want to adopt the best beauty regime to get perfect skin here are some essential beauty gadgets that you must own to get beautiful skin:

Pore Detoxer

It is a vital cleansing gadget and works by oscillating at high frequency and loosen the debris that sticks to your pores. Invest in the pore detoxer that comes with dual-action bristles to flex and relax the skin near the pores. It is pretty simple to use. You just need to apply the skin cleanser on the wet skin and move the tool around your face in circular motion. For best results, experts suggest to use it twice a day for smoother skin texture.


This is a must-have gadget to diminish wrinkles and fine lines. It is a hand-held device that uses targeted beams to stimulate the natural cell renewal cycle to generate collagen which in turn starts the self-repair process of the skin, resulting in new and fresh skin cells. For best results, it is best to wash the skin thoroughly so that light penetrates the skin well. For visible results, you will have to use it for several months. You can even find a hand-held nano-current device that can be linked to your iPad or iPhone to get the facial of your choice sensitivity, anti-aging, acne and delicate eye area. After few sessions, this device ensures brighter and firmer skin.


This is a targeted spot-treatment gadget that features the antibacterial blue LED light and sonic vibrations that helps in opening the pores. This gadget is effective in reducing the mild inflammatory acne. It is quite easy to use as you just need to place the device on the breakout for few minutes until it completely disappears.

Wrinkle Smoother

If you are looking for plump skin, this beauty gadget is a must-have. This device uses a number of light-emitting diodes which the skin absorbs and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen the critical proteins for healthy skin. This gadget also relieves the inflammation and speed up the cellular repair of the skin cells. For effective results wash the face before using this gadget. Hold the device on one area for few minutes before you proceed to next area. You can easily use the gadget every day and then reduce the sessions once you have achieved the desired results.

Skin Buffer

This at-home beauty gadget is ideal for skin exfoliation. This gadget helps in wearing away the dead skin cells and ensure smooth and healthy skin. The vacuum-like suction with crystals remove the dead skin cells and give a brighter complexion as it eliminates the dullness and blackhead. This gadget also ensures that your skin absorbs the skincare products effectively as it removes the buildup of dead skin cells.

Face Firmer

If you are looking for a gadget to tighten the skin, then your search comes to an end with this product. The face firmer includes two hand-held units to the position on opposite sides of the face. The device generates low-level electrical impulses for muscle contractions. The facial exercising has a firming effect and provides skin lift. This device is also referred to as non-surgical facelift device. It is easy to use it as you just need to apply the conductive gel that comes with the device and hold them to your clean and dry face. You can adjust the intensity until you feel a tingling sensation.

These are not the only gadgets. The list is really long, and you can check the Techno Phile’s Blog for more options. One more not to miss device is the fully customizable facial wand. It features three LED chromotherapy lights for at-home dermatological treatments. Red LED for Repair; Yellow LED for glow and Blue LED for sensitive skin. The low-frequency therapy helps in stimulation and helps in sculpting the face and providing the necessary facelift.

So, it will not be wrong to say that, these days you can find at-home gadgets to get rid of acne, detox the pores, smoothen the skin and skin lift. One little piece of advice, before using these beauty gadgets, it is best to consult the dermatologist. Also, don’t forget to read the instructions that come with the gadgets to ensure best results and reduce the chances of allergies and other issues.


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