Helicopter Trip

6 Outdoor Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

Tired of wondering what to get for your boyfriend’s birthday? Often we end up buying something random and often forget that there are numerous gift possibilities out there that are actually much more creative. Gift ideas centered on memorable experiences in the air, on land, and even underwater are much more exciting. If your boyfriend already has everything he needs, besides maybe the latest tech product that bores you so much, try to think about a memorable and exciting experience that he would love to have. Make sure he would just not freak out and give him the time of his live.

1. Helicopter Trip

Helicopter Trip

Has your boyfriend ever dreamed of being a pilot when he was a kid?! Chances are that most guys love flying toys, so a helicopter trip would definitely be a great experience.  Flying in a helicopter is different than flying in a plane because it is a more laid-back trip and it is easier to get a picture of the landscape. Up, up, and away!

2. (Indoor) Skydiving

Skydiving Indoor

Another great flight experience is skydiving. To skydive is to live. Literally, it means getting an adrenaline kick from jumping out of a plane and falling out of the sky. It is definitely an amazing experience but perhaps one that not all can handle. Therefore, a good alternative to skydiving is indoor skydiving in a controlled environment. Indoor skydiving involves levitating in a wind tunnel that creates a wind flow capable of holding up the body of your strong and muscular boyfriend.

3. Bunji Jumping

Bunji Jumping

If you and your boyfriend are fearless, one of the greatest boyfriend and girlfriend experiences that I have ever tried is buji jumping! And no, you do not have to fly all the way to New Zealand where the bunji was invented and jump from 140 m of height! The landscape of your own city will for sure provide you an awesome view and still and incredible adrenalin boost experience!

4. Formula 1 Event

Formula 1 Event

Another toy a man loves is a car – a fast car. Nothing is more exciting than driving a Formula 1 car (almost) faster than the speed of sound.  Look around in your town and make him feel like he is the next Schumacher.

5. Land Rover Experience

Land Rover Experience

Another activity involving driving is terrain style. Driving a Land Rover on terrain is a masculine activity, where your man has the chance to navigate a strong and powerful 4 wheeled monster through water and mud, over rocks and hills.

6. Scuba Diving Lessons

Scuba Diving

Diving is one of the most exhilarating experiences underwater.  This might be an expensive gift because in order to get the best possible experience, diving should be executed in a country with a rich and colorful sea life, which means it’s worth booking a trip to Egypt or Australia.

Whether in the air, on land, or underwater, all of the above mentioned activities involve a lot of adrenaline. Men love challenges and action and will therefore surely adore you for planning one of these awesome trips for them.   Try to get some courage and if possible to one of these things together; it will be double the fun!


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