Different Hair Types

7 Hair Maintenance Tips For Different Hair Types

Different Hair TypesOnce you know about your natural hair type, straight, curly or wavy, you need to take care of them, lest they lose their beauty. So how do you take care of your lovely tresses? What kind of products to use, the kind of hair styles and treatments for your locks?

There is no single answer that suits all kinds of hair types. Every head is different. At times you need to experiment and try new methods to keep those strands in top shape. But there are some basics for hair care which can get you started. Hair care tips for different hair types.


Dry HairYour hair type can be spoiled with too many coloring jobs or perms. They can cause damage to the hair. Also excessive exposure to heat from curling irons, hair dryers, heated rollers or other electric styling tools can equally damage your hair. Dry hair is easily affected if you are out in the sun or swimming in pools with chlorinated water. These can deplete the hair life and strength. Here are a few techniques which can restore the natural brilliance of your hair type.

  • Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners especially designed for dry and damaged hair should be used.
  • Use a leave-in product to protect your hair when taking a dip in the beach or going for a swim.
  • Reduce the use of hairdryers, curling irons and other hair styling electric tools.
  • Treat your hair with a deep conditioner at least once a week.
  • Adjust your appliances regularly as the internal thermostats that control heat in due course stop working.


Oily or Greasy HairA small amount of oil or grease is normal for hair. In order to keep your tresses in good condition, a little amount of oil is required. Excess of oil or grease can make your hair go limp and dirty. You should avoid using a heavy shampoo or conditioner if your hair and scalp are greasy. If only the scalp is greasy then the shampoo can be for oily hair and conditioner for dry hair to balance out. Some other tips for oily hair are:

  •  You may be tempted to wash your hair everyday or frequently when you have oily or greasy hair. But, the oil glands on your scalp are actually stimulated by massage so the more you wash your hair, the greasier your scalp becomes. Avoid shampooing your hair every day.
  • For a more gentle cleaning action, use the flat of your fingers to shampoo your hair.


Thin or Fine HairFine or Thin hair looks lifeless. They need to give a little volume and create an illusion of thicker mane. Here are a few ways to do this:ere Here

  • To give your hair a fuller appearance, get a blunt hair cut. It makes the hair appear thicker at the end. Also don’t let the hair grow longer. The longer they grow the thinner they look.
  • When applying conditioner, apply them on the ends and not on the roots. Split ends and breakage make the hair look thinner. There can be a temptation to skip the conditioner; however using it averts split ends and breakage.


Thick HairThick hair comes with its own set of problems. They face itchy and flaky scalp.  This occurs because of inadequate rinsing after a hair wash. The Shampoo soap leaves residue which gets sealed on the scalp with the conditioner, causing dryness and irritation. Some ways to keep those tresses problem free are:

  • Make sure to rinse your hair properly when you shampoo.
  • The hair length should be either short or long. Short haircuts keep the hair under control. Mid length cuts tend to make the hair tips stand out.
  • Hair when cut in layers relieves the bulk. Avoid cutting in short layers or pieces; you may end up adding more bulk.
  • While trying hair color, go for semi permanent colors which don’t have a thickening effect as permanent colors and bleach.


Curly HairThe major problem that people with curly hair face is that their hair lack shine. Curly hair have uneven surface, unlike straight hair and thus they don’t reflect light preventing the natural sheen. They appear duller. To remedy this, there are few tricks:

  • Avoid sweeping your waves; they might end up in locks. Rather smooth them with hands and fingers.
  • Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to seal and smooth the hair surface while washing.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day. It robs of the sebum, making your hair look frizzy.
  • A wide tooth comb while conditioning will help in even application of the conditioner.
  • Let your hair dry naturally or air dry, than using the hair dryer.
  • Rinse hair preferably with cold water. After a wash pat dry your hair with a thick absorbent towel.
  • Avoid lock products like, oil, mousses and solutions.
  • Also try for a salon restorative treatment regularly.


Straight HairStraight hair goes flat on the scalp and can accumulate grease which can give a dull look. For beautiful straight hair you should:

  • Use a deep cleaning shampoo daily and a clarifying gel treatment once a week.
  • Never sweep your hair when wet. Use fingers to detangle them.
  • Stay away from styling metal on the hair. In case you do have to use, keep the heat element low.
  • Brush your hair with a wide toothed comb.


Wavy HairWavy hair also tends to have a little uneven surface, thus lacking a little lustre and shine that straight hair give. Some tips to maintain the wavy hair are:

  • Instead of air drying your wavy locks, try to dry them as much as possible with a towel.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to detangle the tresses. Don’t tug at them else will cause harm.
  • Get them clipped every six to eight weeks.
  • Make use of shine enhancing products and indulge in cleansing once a month.

When changing from one hair type to the other, the alteration can be temporary or permanent using chemicals. Make sure to take proper care of your tresses. Keeping the hair clean, avoiding excessive heat, using natural oils and trimming the hair regularly are other basics to keep your hair beautiful.


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