Heather Locklear

7 Hottest Older Celebrities

Aging is the inevitable tragedy that befalls us all, and is an especially difficult thing for women to come to terms with. Fortunately because of all of the modern-day advances in cosmetics, women are living longer, healthier, and sexier lives. Most think that for celebrities to look younger, they have to destroy their faces with a plethora of injections and odd reconstruction surgeries. Here are seven celebrities that stand as shining examples of the hope for beauty past age 50, and prove that you don’t need to disfigure yourself to age with beauty and grace.

Heather Locklear – Age: 52

Heather Locklear

Though still fairly young, Locklear has been able to maintain the same adorable, wide-eyed look she sported as a beginner TV actress. She obviously takes good care of her skin, resulting in a lack of lines around her eyes and smile.

Michelle Pfeiffer – Age: 55

Michelle PfeifferPfeiffer has always been breathtaking, but she’s one of the rare few who has become more gorgeous with age. Her killer cheekbones and smooth skin give her a powerful kind of beauty. We hope to see her continue to age finely over the years.

Kim Cattrall – Age: 57

Kim CattrallMost famous for her role as a sexy older woman (Sex and the City), Cattrall is the ultimate embodiment of a powerful and experienced woman in a beautiful body. She maintains her skin well, and wears light makeup at red carpet events to cover her fine lines.

Kim Basinger – Age: 59

Kim BasingerThis actress has gained much success since her early modeling days, winning an Academy Award for her performance in L.A. Confidential. Although she has progressed artistically, she has kept up her youthful, signature natural-beauty look over the years by keeping her skin moisturized.

Beverly D’Angelo – Age: 61

Beverly DAngeloKnown best for her role in National Lampoon’s Vacation, Beverly D’Angelo has continued to sing and act in smaller roles since then. While she now sports a bustier physique, she works it well with a sophisticated wardrobe and light makeup to let her natural beauty shine through.

Jaclyn Smith – Age: 67

Jaclyn SmithOne of the original Charlie’s Angels, Smith has become a successful businesswoman in recent years. Her classy style paired with her chiseled cheekbones and well-maintained skin makes nearing the age of 70 look like a piece of cake.

Raquel Welch – Age: 73

Raquel WelchWelch was a sex symbol in the ‘60s, and somehow has maintained that vibe well into her 70’s. Her lingering ‘60s charm gives her a natural glow, and her smooth-skinned smile is very reminiscent of that young actress she used to be.

While these are some of the more extreme examples of those able to carry their youthful sex appeal into their golden years, there are plenty of female celebrities that have aged beautifully. Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep are a few of these breathtaking women, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver. What most of these women have in common is their consistency in moisturizing and treating their skin with care, as well as the light makeup they use when out on the town. The trick to maintaining your youth into your older years is to take care of yourself and love the skin you’re in enough to let it show.


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