Man Can Gift To His Wife

7 Things That A Man Can Gift To His Wife

The best way to spice up a marriage is with unexpected nice surprises. Now most wives dream of being treated like a queen but expect much less in order to avoid getting disappointed. Imagine what would happen if a husband suddenly becomes a knight in shining armor and treats his wife like a wonderful, priceless gift with special memorable acts like these ….

Stun Her with a Tennis Bracelet, Diamond Ring, Or A Diamond Jewelry Set

Man Can Gift To His Wife

If you want to shock her into silence, jewelry is always a winning choice. Fortunately in today’s economic conditions, it is possible to find diamond rings San Diego or New York at great prices. On your part as the husband, you can consider the jewelry to be an excellent investment. Your wife can also eventually start a new tradition and pass on the diamond rings to the children when they’re adults.

Book a Spa Weekend

This could be a couples’ retreat or a solo vacation that a husband can give to his wife. Massages, fine cuisine, manicure, pedicure, a new look, a private sauna or hot tub – the works! The benefit to sending the wife alone is that she gets to miss her family and husband so he can expect hot, sexy nights as soon as she’s back. And to play safe, he should book her in a spa that’s mostly patronized by women so there is no chance of being stalked by anyone – just a relaxing weekend to rejuvenate and relax.

Surprise Her with A Romantic Holiday At An Exotic Location

If you want to do something this grandiose for your wife, do make sure to keep the dates open so it becomes a joint decision when to take the vacation. If you decide to spring something like this on a working woman or mother of 2 in the middle of school term, expect fireworks – of the negative nature.

Daily Surprises Could Be A Week of Flowers and Chocolates

Assuming you don’t have the budget for a trip to Bali or Paris, why not buy her flowers and chocolates every day for one week? You could also use this one week of gifts as a build-up to a bigger gift on a special occasion like a wedding anniversary or birthday.

Give Her The Gift of Time With the Girls

Many husbands feel the need to control the movements of their wives especially if their wives have friends they don’t like. However, what about swallowing your negative vibes and give her time to spend with her girlfriends – no strings attached. Offer to take care of the kids, laundry, bills payment, chores while she’s out with her friends. You can set some limits to the kind of activity they do by buying her a gift certificate or voucher to the kind of restaurant or bar you would rather she go to instead of giving them carte blanche to choose the venue.

If You’ve Just Had A Windfall, Why Not Give Her Spending Money?

Share the wealth especially if your wife is not working and earning her own money. By giving her money (and this is not house money, okay?) to spend as she wishes, she gets to buy clothes, shoes, or whatever takes her fancy. The upside is that you will definitely be in her good graces for a long time because you gave something hopefully before she had to ask for it.


Most women want to be mothers and by sharing a family together, you would be giving her the most precious gift of all – the gift of life and a lifetime of new memories. You can still give her that diamond ring when she gives birth because she’ll definitely deserve something wonderful.


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