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Men’s Colognes Attractive To Women

Usher Perfume for MenScent is powerful in such a way that it adds allure to any gender. Particularly, it entices women to become more attracted to some men. Whether it is merely psychologically or it truly is the effect of colognes, nonetheless it adds more to a person’s appeal to the opposite sex.

Moreover, it triggers our senses and memories to remember past experiences, inspire lust or make you feel sick if you are allergic to particular smells. Of course, a man would want their smell alluring rather than nauseating. He wears cologne to attract a woman and doesn’t want to drive her away from him.

One thing to remember the most is for a man to not use cologne too excessively. Keep it light since strong scents can be too harsh on the nose and can result to definitely driving the opposite sex away from you.

Usually the typical men’s colognes that attract women are those with musky smell. It is a heady, deep fragrance—interestingly enough—used by animals in the wild to help attract a mate. Humans apparently also respond to musks. Cologne brands create musky scents blended with either wood, spice or citrusy scents.

Historically, this particular type of musky mix is the most saleable for men’s cologne. Popularly traditional labels are Old Spice, Brut and Ralph Lauren’s Polo. These are on top of the men’s list as well as Acqua Di Gio, Bvlgari’s Aqva, Valentino and the entire Axe line of colognes (wherein the latter even have their own female following.)

Before purchasing one, it is advisable to test them first on your skin since colognes smell good depending also on your skin chemistry. Visit a store and test around three brands or try one brand with at least three different scents. Smell a coffee bean in between to distinguish the different colognes you try.

Leave the cologne on your skin for at least 30 minutes to let the top and middle notes to evaporate thus leaving the base note on your skin. Spritz a little amount on clean skin. The smell changes after each hour so take note of that. Here you can determine whether you like the way it mixes with your natural odor. Afterwards, you can finally select the best one for you.

The best way to test colognes is to spritz a little on some clean skin and wear it for an entire day. Judge how the scent starts and how it changes after each hour. Determine if you like the way it mingles with your natural odor. Then, after doing this with several colognes, pick the one that suited you best. Aside from colognes, perfumes like dkny fragrance would also be a good choice and you can easily find them online along with plenty of cheap perfume in Australia.


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