When Bigger Isn’t Better: Picking the Right Diamond

In the 1953 hit “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” Marilyn Monroe was a sensation as she sang the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” While that was quite a few years ago, it still holds true today. Women love diamonds of all sizes and they just can’t seem to get enough of them.

Diamond Engagement Ring for Couples

Those who buy diamonds quite regularly know that one must be sure to get the very best quality of this beautiful gemstone. There are four basic elements that must be considered to understand the value and beauty of a particular stone.

  1. Caret – The caret weight is the mass of the diamond. The greater the caret, the more the diamond will cost. A caret is divided into “100 points,” so if a diamond has fifty points, it is said to have .5 carets. The carets of a diamond can determine much about the value but the clarity, cut and color must be considered also.
  2. Clarity – In order to check the clarity of a diamond, it will be examined under a microscope with 10X power. Under this strong vision, one can see any microscopic blemishes on a diamond. Most diamonds have minor natural blemishes so it’s unusual to find a perfect stone. However, diamonds will be rated by the size and number of the flaws. The more blemishes, the less the diamond will be worth.
  3. Cut – The cut of the diamond refers more to the proportions of the gem rather than the shape. Regardless of the shape, diamonds must be cut and polished in such a way to allow the light to enter through the top and be reflected back through the top. A stone that is cut too shallow or too deep will only reflect a limited amount of light, which will result in a decrease in value.
  4. Color – Diamonds come in all colors. We are most familiar with the gemstones that are white. The costliest diamonds, however, are those that have no color at all. All light will be able to pass through and the colors of the rainbow should be able to be seen in the reflection. Grading the color of a diamond is very difficult as the colors are subtle.

These are the four main features that determine the value of a particular diamond. This system is used all over the world to help jewelers decide how much the gem is worth. Interestingly enough, these four C’s can help us see that the size of the diamond is not necessarily what makes it more valuable.

Through online shopping at a wide range of jewelry stores, you can find great deals on diamonds. If you live in another country, your jewelry will be sent to you as an international shipment. It’s very important to find a shipping company that you can trust, regardless of where you live. For those that live in the US, you can use a domestic shipping company. Always be sure to have your purchases insured against loss or damage.

Every bride-to-be dreams of her special diamond engagement ring and hopes to be given the very biggest one. Be sure to consider all of the four C’s so that you can find a diamond that is not only the biggest but of the best quality. You will then enjoy showing your exquisite gem off to friends and family!


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