Pebble Stone Necklace

Set off Displays and Accessories for Your Jewellery!

Displays for online jewellery can make the difference between wearing and not wearing your items as much as you would like to. If all your jewellery ends up in a box, you only ever wear the stuff close to the surface unless you remember something else is in there and start looking for it.

Display cases and stands for your jewellery items can be as beautiful as the jewellery itself, and can really help to showcase it when you aren’t wearing it. So you get the maximum benefit from all of those different styles – the costume jewellery sets of necklaces and earrings; the polished stone pendants; and the rings as well.

Pebble Stone Necklace

There are several different style strands going on in jewellery at the moment. As ever, there is a definite demarcation between the jewellery you might wear for going out in the evening and the jewellery you would wear all day. So you can get costume jewellery sets that use diamante to great effect, with subtle droplet style earrings and necklaces that mimic the design with a drop over the chest of at the base of the neck; and you can also get a range of antique look, tribal styled or Boho jewellery for everyday wear.

It is important to match your jewellery to your overall look. To property rock a Boho necklace, for example, the wearer needs to be someone who can carry off floaty dresses and lots of colourful layers. An ornate Gothic cross needs the lace and dark clothing to back it up. An antique style pendant with a single pale stone set at its centre has to be offset with clothes similarly inspired.

Everyone has a range of looks, too. You wouldn’t wear to the gym what you wear to the office – and you would be unlikely to go on a date in office clothes, or to turn up to work wearing your little black cocktail dress.

Costume jewellery is designed to help you augment all the different styles of you – from professional to party. This is another reason why it is a good idea to get a range of display cases and stands for all your jewellery – so you can easily segment it into the jewellery types that are right for the different times and occasions on which the items will be worn.

Let’s not forget bracelets either, which are often left out of costume jewellery sets – and which are normally bought separately from necklaces and rings too. Commonly a bracelet will be worn more often than any other kind of jewellery, except perhaps a special pendant. Often the bracelet is worn to remind the wearer of a specific person, or to bring luck through a series of charms.

Charm bracelets are as incredibly popular as ever, with some truly stunning charms encapsulating the most important sorts of luck: luck in love; in finance; at home; and while travelling. You need to be able to customise your charm bracelet with the perfect arrangement of charms for your life.

It’s easier to remember what jewellery  you have bought over the years if you have an arrangement of stands on which to keep it.


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