Diamond Rings Mens

6 Reasons Why Diamond Rings are a Man’s Best Friend

Forget about diamonds just being a girl’s best friend – diamond rings are now gracing the fingers of men everywhere. From fashion rings to wedding bands, men’s diamond rings are becoming one of the hottest yet most enduring accessories. While you may not have realized how popular these bands currently are, given the rich history of diamonds in jewelry it should come as little surprise. Here are six reasons to buy men’s diamond rings.

Diamond Rings Mens

Diamond Rings Man

Forget about those boring and unadorned men’s wedding bands. Men these days are opting for rings that stand out. Men’s diamond rings these days are available in nearly any style to suit any taste – from minimalist modern bands to intricate vintage-inspired designs. Diamonds seamlessly add a unique and stylish look to any design. No matter how much you may think that a diamond ring isn’t for you, there is a band out there waiting to prove you wrong.

1. They’re naturally tough

Diamonds aren’t the premier gemstone of choice just because of their dazzling looks – they’re also sought after for their strength and durability. Diamonds are the hardest natural material on Earth, registering a 10 out of 10 on the Mohs Mineral Scale of Hardness.

2. They’re look for great period of time

Men’s diamond rings are ideal as wedding bands because they can take the inevitable knocks and bumps that come with daily wear. Diamonds are highly resistant to scratching, and can really only be scratched by other diamonds. This means that they retain their original appearance and luster quite easily, maintaining their “just bought” look for great periods of time.

3. They come in a variety of color options

While white diamonds are always a classic choice, men’s diamond rings aren’t just limited to the single colorless variety. Black diamonds are the most popular alternative choice, and offer a bold and striking look that nonetheless has a neutral versatility. Most black diamonds in men’s diamond rings have been color treated to achieve their jet hue, as naturally black diamonds are fairly rare (and not even a true black).
Cognac diamonds offer an attractive brown hue that makes for a similarly handsome choice for men’s diamond rings. As brown is one of the most common natural colors for diamonds, these diamonds are usually not color treated and can sometimes offer more competitive pricing than colorless diamonds.

4. They’ll make any material look better

You’ve doubtless seen men’s diamond rings in classic precious metals like gold and platinum, but the setting possibilities certainly don’t just end there. Diamonds are a great accent to contemporary materials like titanium, tungsten, cobalt chrome and ceramic, providing a lovely traditional contrast to their sometimes more industrial modern looks. For those on a more stringent budget, a diamond can add a hint of luxury to one of these less expensive bands.

5. They can be surprisingly affordable

A lot of people will avoid men’s diamond rings simply because they assume that the stones are completely out of their budget. Many expect the price of men’s diamond rings to be comparable to that of women’s engagement rings, but nothing could be farther from the truth.
For starters, most men’s diamond rings utilize smaller diamonds as detail accents rather than a single large stone (which tends to be much more costly). Because these diamonds are smaller, they don’t have to be completely colorless or flawless, also a factor in driving down costs. With men’s diamond rings, you’re often getting an expensive looking band at a fraction of the price.

6. They’re the “diamond” standard

Diamonds are highly sought after because they are simply incomparable. They’re peerlessly beautiful, incredibly tough and amazingly versatile. Men’s diamond rings have a timeless value because they’ve been treasured for thousands of years, and will undoubtedly be treasured for thousands more.


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